Marcel Proust in the Light of William James In Search of a Lost Source

by Marilyn M. Sachs

Marcel Proust in the Light of William James In Search of a Lost Source Synopsis

For a century now, scholars have searched for the source of Marcel Proust's startlingly innovative novel A la recherche du temps perdu. Some have pointed to Henri Bergson, Sigmund Freud, or Paul Sollier. Others have referenced the novels of Henry James. But no one has focused on the more significant influence of the writings of Henry's older brother, the psychologist and Harvard professor William James. A close comparison reveals the degree to which Proust's novel stems from James's psychological and philosophical theories. William James was a prominent member of the scientific, medical and philosophical communities in Proust's Paris and was close friends with two men well known to Proust. His works were translated into French and reviewed in French journals and newspapers. This book discloses how Proust likely became familiar with William James and illustrates how James's writings were key to Proust's ability to craft the book he had been trying to write, extending even to his use of similar language and imagery and a narrative schema that arguably mimics James's descriptions of consciousness, perception, and memory. Proust's hero assiduously explores the vague, uncertain, relational aspects of experience, the trials and comforts of habit, the salvational potential of memory, the moral aspects of personal history teeming with impression and desire-these are the truths of human psychology and behavior theorized by William James and made fictional flesh in Proust's rendition of lived experience.

Marcel Proust in the Light of William James In Search of a Lost Source Press Reviews

Marilyn M. Sachs's Marcel Proust in the Light of William James: In Search of a Lost Source is an original and important contribution to Proust studies. Well researched and written in a lucid and engaging style, her book offers the reader an excellent literary and philosophical study of these two major figures while underscoring the many parallels between James's pioneering work in psychology and Proust's innovations as a novelist. -- William C. Carter, Distinguished Professor of French, University of Alabama at Birmingham

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ISBN: 9781498556316
Publication date: 27th March 2017
Author: Marilyn M. Sachs
Publisher: Lexington Books
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 328 pages
Categories: Literary studies: fiction, novelists & prose writers, Literary studies: from c 1900 -,

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Marilyn M. Sachs holds a doctorate in French literature. She is an independent scholar living in St. Louis, Missouri.

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