Perimenopause Power

Paperback edition released 04/03/2021

by Maisie Hill

Popular science

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Perimenopause Power is a straight-talking handbook covering everything you may want to know about getting through the perimenopause (and beyond).

Perimenopause Power is a straight-talking handbook covering everything you may want to know about getting through the perimenopause (and beyond). There’s a lot of medical information packed into its pages, covering perimenopausal symptoms, HRT, lifestyle changes, bone health, and so much more. Maisie Hill admits that she hasn’t yet reached this stage of life, so is unable to provide personal insights about the menopause. Instead, in her book, she explains how your body changes, physically and emotionally, and the different ways to manage troublesome symptoms. Perimenopause Power is based on science and written in a supportive non-patronising tone. There’s a strong emphasis on diet and lifestyle changes, but medication, alternative therapies and psychological treatments are also covered. She discusses the pros and cons of taking HRT, so that you can make an informed choice (with the help of a healthcare professional). You may find it easiest to dip into the chapters you need when you need them, rather than read the book from beginning to end – otherwise it could feel a little overwhelming. This is a useful reference book to help you find the right management approach for you – and may even help to make the menopause a more-positive experience.

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Perimenopause Power Synopsis

An empowering guide to make perimenopause and menopause a positive experience.

During perimenopause three quarters of women will experience symptoms such as mood changes, insomnia, hot flushes, and night sweats, but there is little in the way of evidence-based information out there to help and guide us. Perimenopause Power is the essential handbook to understanding what the hell's going on and to empower us to improve our experience of the dreaded 'change'.

Maisie Hill, the highly qualified women's health expert, best-selling author of Period Power and founder of The Flow Collective, takes us through the physiological changes of perimenopause and menopause, step by step, with calm positivity. In this invaluable guide she shares tips and advice to support women through the challenge of wildly fluctuating hormones.

A must-read for anyone looking for a well-researched, evidenced-based book on perimenopause and menopause that gives women the information they need to address their hormonal needs. Perimenopause Power will help women to understand what's going on with their bodies and how to deal with troublesome symptoms, and share valuable insights into making it a positive and powerful experience.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781472978868
Publication date: 4th March 2021
Author: Maisie Hill
Publisher: Green Tree an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 336 pages
Collections: 11 Menopause Books to Reassure, Inspire and Support You.,
Primary Genre Popular science

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will make you gasp at how ill-informed you are about your own body - Sunday Telegraph, Stella

'Maisie Hill helps you understand the changes in your body and psyche during the lead-up to menopause and how to handle symptoms.' Top Santé


'Maisie Hill gets rid of myths, sheds light and allows for an open, honest and much-needed conversation' Mind

'Maisie's knowledge of hormones changed my life... you need this book' Anna Jones


'Hill's advice is straightforward and no-nonsense' The Guardian

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ISBN: 9781472978868
Publication date: 04/03/2021
Format: Paperback

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Maisie Hill is a highly qualified and sought-after expert in menstrual health and is the author of Period Power, a book lauded as 'life-changing' and 'essential' by readers. For over 15 years Maisie has worked with clients to support them through all aspects of their hormonal journey - from menstruation to menopause and beyond. She hosts the Period Power podcast and is the founder of The Flow Collective, an online community that helps members to harness their hormones and get their cycle working for them. Depending on where she is in her cycle, when she's not working Maisie is either having ...

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