Overnight Cinderella (Mills & Boon Desire)

by Katherine Garbera

Overnight Cinderella (Mills & Boon Desire) Synopsis

Duke Merchon was light years ahead of co-worker Cami Jones in bedroom expertise. Still, the plain Jane stirred his fantasies- but Duke vowed to keep a safe distance from her thousand-watt smile.Orphaned as a child, he' d learned to deny his boyhood dreams of love and family. Then Cami suddenly traded in her modest librarian facade for a stunning grace and beauty...and Duke felt his firm footing in Bachelorville slipping. And fast. For he couldn' t resist showing this newly sensuous woman the laws of physical love. And when Duke held his overnight Cinderella in his arms, he felt transformed...into Cami' s Prince Charming!

Book Information

ISBN: 9781472037510
Publication date: 27th January 2014
Author: Katherine Garbera
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Mills & Boon Desire
Format: eBook

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