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Clearance and Fair and Just Reward

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Clearance and Fair and Just Reward Synopsis

BOOK ICLEARANCE Robert Hilliard, a fifteen year old boy, living with his American Father in Sumatra, found himself orphaned by the Japanese. With the help of a British pilot, some Australians on New Guinea and a cattle station family in Australia, he found his way to the States where he lived with an uncle. He joined the Navy at the end of the war, and was called to duty for the Korean conflict. He chose to serve in the Air Force and found himself on a special assignment that took him to Viet Nam, during the French occupation. Hilliard fell from a plane over northern Vietnam and was captured by the Vietminh. This book is about his special assignment and escape from capture.BOOK II FAIR AND JUST REWARD Hilliard completes his military commitment and joins Fitzharris and other colleagues in Industrial Enterprises, a private security firm. At Industrial Enterprises the entire staff of investigators are involved in an assignment for the US Attorney General. An anonymous caller has contacted the Attorney General with information about a Fraternity of lawyers, and politicians, two, at high positions in congress. The Fraternity has violent criminals who fall through the court system assassinated. A preliminary investigation by the Attorney General comes to focus on a large law firm, Prager, Bartholomew and Howell, in San Francisco. Hilliard meets Ann Carter, Director of Administration at the law firm, who turns out to be marked for assassination by the Fraternity in their rush to go more deeply underground during the Attorney General's investigation. She is helpful to Industrial Enterprises in their mission. One by one the leadership of the Fraternity is tracked down and it is effectively closed. A love relationship develops between Hilliard and Ann Carter during their last days together but due to their diverse interests, she decides to remain in San Francisco and Hilliard continues his work with Industrial Enterprises.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781462832217
Publication date: 13th October 2000
Author: Thomas Harris
Publisher: Xlibris US
Format: Ebook (Epub)