The Two-Second Advantage How we succeed by anticipating the future - just enough

by Vivek Ranadive, Kevin Maney

The Two-Second Advantage How we succeed by anticipating the future - just enough Synopsis

What makes a great CEO, statesman, performer or sportsman is their ability to anticipate events before they happen... to predict where a business trend - even a football - is going a split second before anyone else. The Two-Second Advantage explores the science behind the ways our brains act as predictive machines and shows how you too can learn the skills to put yourself those vital seconds ahead of the competition. And now technology is becoming just as skilful - anticipating what customers want before they know, traffic jams before they occur, and snags even before the problems happen. Computers too are learning how to 'think' and help us be ahead. Success comes from predicting the future with the right information and the right help just a fraction before anyone else. So here's how to give yourself The Two-Second Advantage.

The Two-Second Advantage How we succeed by anticipating the future - just enough Press Reviews

Anyone interested in understanding the one common denominator of almost all long term success should read The Two-Second Advantage...organizations or even talented people don't need to have a vision of the future ten years or even ten days out. They need to accurately anticipate what's about to happen next a split second before the competition using the right information at the right time. * Phillip Hellmuth Jr, 11-time World Series of Poker Champion and Poker Hall of Famer * The challenge of today's digital world isn't gathering data but making sense of it quickly. The Two-Second Advantage artfully explores how having the right information, in context and at the right time, can place you ahead of the game. * David Stern, NBA Commissioner * The Two-Second Advantage is critically important for today's business leaders. Customers are engaging with companies through an exploding number of channels, from mobile devices to the social universe. The concept that we can not only understand all that customer data, but make accurate and business-shaping predictions from it, puts this on the must-read list. * Shantanu Narayen, President & CEO of Adobe Systems Incorporated * A compelling book on the art of anticipation that everyone should read for every business today. * Mark V. Hurd, President of Oracle Corporation * Ranadive and Maney convincingly show that by seeing the future we can achieve a new one. Neuroscience meets computer science and the result is profound, not to mention a great read. * Don Tapscott, Author of Wikinomics *

Book Information

ISBN: 9781444730791
Publication date: 1st September 2011
Author: Vivek Ranadive, Kevin Maney
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd an imprint of Hodder & Stoughton General Division
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 256 pages
Categories: Advice on careers & achieving success,

About Vivek Ranadive, Kevin Maney

VIVEK RANADIVE is the founder and CEO of the international software company Tibco Software Inc. He is the author of two New York Times bestsellers, The Power of Now and The Power to Predict. KEVIN MANEY was the technology reporter at USA Today. He is the author of the critically acclaimed books The Maverick and His Machine and Trade-Off.

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