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From Postulate-Based Modern Physics to Mechanism-Revealed Physics, Vol.2 (2/2)

by Ph.D. Bingcheng Zhao

From Postulate-Based Modern Physics to Mechanism-Revealed Physics, Vol.2 (2/2) Synopsis

This book comprehensively and systematically fulfills the epoch-making revolution in physics from postulate-based modern physics to mechanism-revealed physics by fully establishing and verifying the Mechanism-Revealed Theory System of Physics, and completely solving the long-standing fundamentally important problems, e.g., dark matter, dark energy, the Higgs boson, the cosmological constant, high-temperature superconductivity, the Pioneer anomaly, ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays, gamma ray bursts, the GZK paradox, gravitational wave/graviton...This book (i.e., Mechanism-Revealed Physics) terminates the era in which quantum mechanics does not and cannot know why there are quantum states, Einstein's postulate-based relativity does not and cannot know why time and space are variable thus relative. Mechanism-revealed physics has great applications...

Book Information

ISBN: 9781435750333
Publication date: 19th March 2009
Author: Ph.D. Bingcheng Zhao
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 328 pages
Categories: Science: general issues,

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