Common Sense Government for the Common Man

by Greg Mims

Common Sense Government for the Common Man Synopsis

Greg Mims takes a look at some of the flaws in our current governmental system, but he also proposes some real world solutions to those problems. Still, that's no great feat. What is a great feat is that Greg Mims has come up with solutions and a way to pay for those solutions without breaking the back of the heart of America-the common working man and woman. This book is REAL WORLD-RIGHT NOW!!! Everyone wants change but no one has a real and financially feasible approach to it. Now they do thanks to this book. A must read before you vote. A must read if you are concerned about the direction of this country. A must read if you care about our future!

Book Information

ISBN: 9781435713635
Publication date: 14th March 2008
Author: Greg Mims
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 128 pages
Categories: Business & management, Economics,

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