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Democracy's Dilemma

by David Shams

Democracy's Dilemma Synopsis

In Democracy's Dilemma, David Shams argues that Warlords' participation in Afghanistan's democracy has undermined the legitimacy of the state. Human rights violations, drug trade and institutional corruption constitute the perimeters of a triangle set by warlords within which the state falls short of the moral authority necessary to assert legitimacy. The dilemma that the state faces is this: On one hand, in order to survive it has to compromise with and appease the warlords; on the other, it struggles to eradicate drugs and uproot corruption. To achieve these objectives, the state has adopted paradoxical policies and taken contradictory measures simultaneously. This in turn, has resulted in ineffectual governance and the weakness of its status as a legitimate body in the eyes of the public.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781435711013
Publication date: 25th February 2008
Author: David Shams
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 92 pages
Categories: Education,

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