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The Gospel According to Mark the Gentile by Mark The Gentile

The Gospel According to Mark the Gentile


The Gospel According to Mark the Gentile by Mark The Gentile

I asked the Lord, So what is this book really about? He responded by saying, It is about bringing relief to those who call themselves Jews. Even though I lacked clarity, I failed to question him any further because he left my eternal mind with these four words resonating, We have the law. What I can tell you though, is what you might experience spiritually. When you reach that point as you are reading, a Darkness will over take you and you will feel fear though not brought on by terror. Your fear will stand among the shadows cast by disbelief upon the path which ascends along the dark side of this Mountain of God. If you are one chosen by God to experience, the darkness described. Take your comfort from peace because for you a light will follow, concluding you in God's joy and laughter. Some will even think of this darkness as being evil and truly I can't blame them because when I first looked down, I too believed of its evil.

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9th March 2008


Mark The Gentile

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