Ecology of Immortality

by Vladimir Dimitrov

Ecology of Immortality Synopsis

Ecology of immortality focuses its study in the power of the potentiality we have within us, in the ways of its realization for our growth in self-awareness and consciousness. It is ecology of a life that unfolds in potentiality, a life that is endowed with endless possibilities for self-realization - a life that never ends. The research findings of the authors are linked with the Many-Worlds Interpretation supported by the leading quantum physicists of our time. The book is a practical guide how to amplify the power of our potentiality so that it could trigger a unique process of transformation of our consciousness at the moment of death, a process that opens infinite space for its further evolution and growth. For researchers in the fields of human dynamics and quantum systems, social ecology, educational practice and psychology, as well as for everyone who wants to know more about the art of living in a healthy and fulfilling way, this book is a catalyst for exciting new insights.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781430320647
Publication date: 29th May 2007
Author: Vladimir Dimitrov
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 154 pages
Categories: Education,

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