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The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model for 21st-Century Schools

by Mariale M. Hardiman

The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model for 21st-Century Schools Synopsis

A powerful guide for applying brain research for more effective instruction The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model for 21st Century Schools serves as a bridge between research and practice by providing a cohesive, proven, and usable model of effective instruction. Compatible with other professional development programs, this model shows how to apply relevant research from educational and cognitive neuroscience to classroom settings through a pedagogical framework. The model's six components are: (1) Establish the emotional connection to learning (2) Develop the physical learning environment (3) Design the learning experience (4) Teach for the mastery of content, skills, and concepts (5) Teach for the extension and application of knowledge (6) Evaluate learning Mariale Hardiman presents this model with the educator in mind and offers practical steps for using it to inform instruction and teach 21st century skills. Her valuable road map will help you achieve improved outcomes for your students and better collaborative professional practices in your school.

The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model for 21st-Century Schools Press Reviews

Brain Targeted Teaching provides teachers with the structure to plan thoughtful, intentional, arts-integrated units. The clear explanation of neuro and cognitive research allows teachers to develop a connection between the research and best practices. Our school is very excited about using this book as our means of instructional practice. -- Jenifer Shaud, Founder The Brain Targeted Teaching model provides a framework for teaching that makes sense not only in K-12 but also in higher education settings. I hope to continue spreading the word that higher education coursework can be significantly enhanced by using the tenets of Brain-Targeted Teaching. -- Vicky M. Krug, Assistant Professor The Brain-Targeted teaching model has informed my teaching in so many ways. I love the model's infusion of the arts as the arts lend themselves to creative expression for all children. There is no question that the Brain-Targeted Teaching Model enhanced the quality of my teaching. -- Andrea Jackson, Fifth-Grade Teacher Dr. Hardiman's Brain-Targeted Teaching Model is one of the most powerful and research-based methods of achieving greater learning retention-its focus on the arts and creative problem-solving moves teaching from traditional 'drill and kill' methods to one that engages students for the demands of 21st century teaching and learning. -- Linda Casto, Advisory Board Dr. Hardiman provides clear explanations of what is currently known about the functions of the human brain, along with practical examples of ways to apply these understandings in the classroom. With this book she offers a significant contribution to the field of education. -- Dee Dickinson, Founder This book is a tour de force, providing not only a comprehensive understanding of cognitive and neuroscience research, but also a well-constructed model providing teachers with the practical tools they need to integrate it into their classrooms. Dr. Hardiman has become a leading authority in the emerging field of Neuroeducation. -- Paula Tallal, Board of Govenors Professor of Neuroscience One of the central components of Hardiman's remarkable book is creativity-the ability to generate something new. Promoting the development of this unique attribute is critically important for the success of our students, and I applaud Dr. Hardiman for showing that neuroscience can and should inform the process of education. -- Charles J. Limb, MD, Associate Professor Hardiman's book provides a practical way for educators to operationalize theoretical principles, and teach in a way that can effectively engage students on different and meaningful levels. The research and strategies presented in this book emphasize the very important notion of supporting students' personal, social, and academic development and achievement. -- Fay E. Brown, Director of Child and Adolescent Development Few educators bring Dr. Hardiman's ability, experience, and scholarliness to the increasingly rich exchange between educators and neuroscientists. She has succinctly synthesized a large body of information into a must-read for educators, researchers, and anyone else interested in how neuroscience and cognitive science can make a difference in the classroom. -- Kenneth S. Kosik, MD, Harriman Professor of Neuroscience The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model for 21st Century Schools has much to offer all educators. The book contains a wealth of knowledge from cognitive and neuroscience and presents it in a way that is accurate and accessible. Hardiman's work creates a vision of education in which scientific discoveries about thinking and learning are taken full advantage of. -- Jay N. Giedd, Chief of Brain Imaging Unit This book provides a teacher-friendly model that teachers can use to establish student-friendly classroom environments and effective teaching strategies and activities. -- Darla Mallein, Director of Secondary Social Sciences Education The emphasis on integrating the arts with content areas is timely and welcome. An additional strength are the examples from 'expert teachers' which show how the model can be implemented while addressing curriculum standards. -- Jacqueline LaRose, Assistant Professor of Education Mariale Hardiman offers a unique model that teachers can use to assess the extent to which they are considering brain-friendly concepts when they plan their lessons. -- David Sousa, Consultant in Educational Neuroscience and Author of How the Brain Learns Teachers will find the content valuable and can implement the Brain-Targeting Teaching concept very easily. -- Steve Hutton, School Improvement Specialist This book will encourage many educators to teach 21st century students via 21st century policies and practices that are grounded in the dramatic advances occurring in the cognitive neurosciences. -- Robert Sylwester, Emeritus Professor of Education and Author of A Child's Brain: The Need for Nurture

Book Information

ISBN: 9781412991988
Publication date: 4th April 2012
Author: Mariale M. Hardiman
Publisher: SAGE Publications Inc
Format: Paperback / softback
Pagination: 256 pages
Categories: Teaching skills & techniques,

About Mariale M. Hardiman

Mariale M. Hardiman, serves as the Assistant Dean of Urban School Partnerships and Chair of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education. She is the co-founder and leads the Neuro-Education Initiative in partnership with the Brain Science Institute and other units within Johns Hopkins. Dr. Hardiman's publications focus on the intersection of research from the neuro- and cognitive sciences and education, bringing to educators relevant research from the brain sciences to inform teaching and learning. She is a frequent presenter at local, regional, and national conferences. Dr. Hardiman also served for more than 30 years ...

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