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Sardan - Discordia

by Dr. Nikolaus Pfander

Sardan - Discordia Synopsis

Within the roof-loft of a Northern German destille stripe-tanker P. discovers an unknown medaillon, as well as manuscripts concerned with the adventurer Sardan from Languedoc and his involvement into a secret millenium-old feud beween beggars, swords and voleurs, by which many affairs raging through 17th century Paris are puzzled out, a smoldering subsoil movement until today. P. asks Discordia, his hanseatic old-boy-group, for support, both are scepticly monitored by a secret society,seated in Paris, Rick, a Rhinish banker, and Paul, a Frisian pirate. Rick cautions against the Paris-seated secret society and -- later-on -- commits suicide. Discordia disembarks the bale, both - P. and Discordia - blame each other being voleurs themselves. P. -- on his own again -- remains committed to continue his research.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781411684515
Publication date: 6th August 2006
Author: Dr. Nikolaus Pfander
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 320 pages
Categories: History,

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