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Still Awfully Fond of Nanny

by Old Doc Runningduck

Still Awfully Fond of Nanny Synopsis

This book is a serious work of swish idiocy from an englishman who needs to get out more. Chapters: Get away from him you BITCH! (A tale of insectoid woe); Why I beat your Mother to death with a small pianoforte (Beauty is only pitchfork deep); Maths Teachers with mutable codpieces (A Universe made in our image); Swallow and Amazons (Middle Management gets properly ventilated); Six plausible reasons for not joining The Crusades (Atheist guilt and drugs); Seagulls with whiplash (No comment); Our revenge will be slow but nonetheless effective (Cartoons); Rugby Man, Piltdown Man and Manfred Mann (Drama written by accountants); The Dinosaurs didn't die out, they just all went to Heaven (Odd words, odd gestures at the fair); Made from real fruit, not concentrate (Poof Basic Training); Phydeaux and the Probe from Planet Earth (News from the Tunbridge Wells Gulf); The Charge of the Light-Headed Brigade (That's that then but whatever shall we do next week?). Splendid! Most splendid indeed!

Book Information

ISBN: 9781411682269
Publication date: 19th March 2006
Author: Old Doc Runningduck
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 178 pages
Categories: Humour,

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