Rough Copy The Story of a Bootlegged Slave Girl

by Han Li Thorn

Rough Copy The Story of a Bootlegged Slave Girl Synopsis

When beautiful, leggy, submissive Lisa wakes up in a new cloned body, she understands that participating in her Master's futuristic cloning project was a barefoot step too far. He has forsaken her, sold her as a licensed piece of property to be duplicated and used. And that's just the beginning of her troubles, because the cloned Lisa has no independent existence, no legal identity, none of the protections that safeguarded her original. Which means that the Alphas -- the consortium that now owns her -- can treat her exactly as they wish. But even the Alphas aren't as bad as one of their clients: the sadistic, rapacious Tobias H. Periwinkle. And when Periwinkle raises the cash he needs to buy his very own whipping girl, it seems that Lisa's only hope is the lover she abandoned without even saying goodbye.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781411627949
Publication date: 4th May 2005
Author: Han Li Thorn
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 108 pages
Categories: Erotic fiction,

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