Ridiculous Dietary Allowance

by Steve Hickey, Hilary Roberts

Ridiculous Dietary Allowance Synopsis

Many people consuming RDA levels of vitamins are likely to suffer from deficiency disease and premature death. Current official recommendations for nutrient intakes are inappropriate. As this book demonstrates, the recommended dietary intake for vitamin C owes more to politics and prejudice than to science. Furthermore, the research behind the RDA values for vitamin C is biased and insubstantial. This book presents an open challenge to the government experts , who support the out-of-date RDA approach to nutrition and thereby endanger the health of the entire population. For people who value the peer review process, this book was read by thousands, including doctors and scientists. The readers reported no significant scientific errors. The authors therefore assert that the RDA and the Codex justification for low intakes of vitamin C are both invalid and indefensible.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781411622210
Publication date: 9th March 2005
Author: Steve Hickey, Hilary Roberts
Publisher: Lulu.com
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 151 pages
Categories: Family & health,

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