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The Terms 2 (mathematics of Stephen W. Hawking, Glenn E. Jones and P.)

by Glenn Jones

The Terms 2 (mathematics of Stephen W. Hawking, Glenn E. Jones and P.) Synopsis for CDR...If you draw the form of the definite integral, draw a diagonal from its upper left-hand corner to its lower right-hand corner. Label that diagonal A. Label the limit to the right, B. The angle opposite f(x) is the angle, I . By the angle opposite f(x), I mean the angle that is above A in the lower right-hand corner of the integral. The area of A*B*f(x) =A*B*f(x)*sin(I )*cos(I )...There are over 210 expressions in The Terms, 2, some of them are...A (a diagonal)=2*B (a moment, limit, or length)^2...sin(I )=1/(2*B). cos(I )=B^3*I^4...I (the angle) = B^2*I^4/2...I, (a short form of Fmet, the metric field)=B^4*cos(I )^3...Ksaoe = 2*I*A^5*I ^3*sin^2(I ), spatial area of effect in black-hole tumbling...ktaoe = 2*I*A^13*B^2*I ^10*cos^3(I ), temporal area of effect in black-hole tumbling. licone = B^5*cos^6(I ), light-cone...

Book Information

ISBN: 9781411619142
Publication date: 1st February 2005
Author: Glenn Jones
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 79 pages
Categories: Algebraic geometry,

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