Tactical Magick

by Seth

Tactical Magick Synopsis

Magick is cheap and power is all around you. The most vibrant magick in the world is that of survival. If you know how it works you can use it anywhere, with anything, to do whatever you need or desire. Tactics is defined as the choice and application of technique in a specific situation. The purpose of tactical magick is to take the magick of survival and incorporate it into our daily lives. So called High Magick is chiefly concerned with expanding consciousness, contacting higher planes, and achieving gnosis. Tactical magick is about learning from the plight of those less fortunate and building upon their techniques to create an eclectic grimoire of daily survival. This is a patchwork system of pop-culture sorcery, techno-alchemy, and hermetic street magick.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781411616097
Publication date: 29th October 2004
Author: Seth
Publisher: Lulu.com
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 68 pages
Categories: Mind, Body, Spirit: thought & practice,

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