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The European Union and Emerging Powers in the 21st Century How Europe Can Shape a New Global Order by Prof. Dr. Sven Biscop

The European Union and Emerging Powers in the 21st Century How Europe Can Shape a New Global Order


The European Union and Emerging Powers in the 21st Century How Europe Can Shape a New Global Order by Prof. Dr. Sven Biscop

The emergence of new powers fundamentally questions the traditional views on international relations, multilateralism or security as a range of countries now competes for regional and global leadership - economically, politically, technologically and militarily. As the focus of international attention shifts from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the European states in particular are seen to lose influence relative to the emerging economic powerhouses of China, Russia, India and Brazil. European nations find themselves too small to engage meaningfully with these continent-sized powers and, in an increasingly multipolar world are concerned their influence can only continue to decline. This book analyses the shifts in the structure of global power and examines the threats and opportunities they bring to Europe. Leading European Contributors reflect on how the EU can utilise collective strength to engage and compete with rapidly developing nations. They examine perceptions of the EU among the emerging powers and the true meaning and nature of any strategic partnerships negotiated. Finally they explore the shape and structure of the international system in the 21st century and how the EU can contribute to and shape it.


'With an expert set of contributors eruditely tackling the EU's capacity for influence in the new international environment this is a must-read for analysts and practitioners seeking insight on THE foreign policy challenge for Europe.'
Richard G. Whitman, University of Kent, UK

'This edited collection by Renard and Biscop offers an in-depth analysis of on-going challenges and changes to the international security structure. It complements this with a thought provoking exploration of the likely role the EU should play and the external instruments it should apply to contribute effectively to the pursuance of international peace and stability. An impressive achievement that will become required reading in the field of security studies.'
Emil J. Kirchner, University of Essex, UK

'How well is the European Union positioned to deal with rising powers and the shifting nature of global governance? Does the EU offer a model for the future, or is it stuck in the past? The authors in this volume offer compelling insights into the dynamic interplay between the EU and a rapidly changing global environment.'
Daniel Hamilton, Johns Hopkins University, USA

'... it is well-edited, and each contribution is well-written... The European Union and the Emerging Powers in the 21st Century is a worthy book to acquire and read, particularly by any student of European studies. It provides an excellent snapshot of one of the pre-eminent European perspectives on the European Union's place in the world, and from a range of authors.'
European Geostrategy

'Comprising nine chapters, this work on international relations provides an interesting summary on the evolution of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China), as well as and especially, on the position of the European Union towards them. The various political, diplomatic or economic aspects are taken into account to examine the possibility of a grand European strategy, as well as suggesting the possibility that the European Union may be both an example and a leader in the emergence of a new multipolar world order.'

& Securite Internationale 'I very much enjoyed reading this book. The individual contributions provide penetrating analyses and are clear and interesting. The authors tackle issues including the nature of security in the post-liberal age, the rise of multipolarity, the need for an EU grand strategy, and the European role in attempts to reform global government. As someone who works on the EU, I found the first section, dealing with the changing global order particularly stimulating as it addressed issues and literature with which I was not so familiar. However, those chapters dealing specifically with the EU are all detailed and thought-provoking... the book provides a fascinating overview of the European Union's place in an evolving international system...
West European Politics

'... the analyses are sharp and intelligent, and moreover help to understand and assess current trends and events within a wider context. Given the complexity of the topic and the relative brevity of the book, this is an admirable achievement... Overall, this collection of chapters makes a successful attempt to grasp the world order as it is today. It is a positive, yet critical approach that is likely to stimulate discussions on the role of the EU in the world and a pleasant read for anyone interested in or working on issues within global politics and shifting power relations.'

'Thomas Renard et Sven Biscop font l'etat des lieux, dressent un bilan, jaugent les forces en presence et esquissent des pistes pour corriger le deficit strategique de ces partenariats. Ils reunissent des auteurs de renom, specialistes de la politique exterieure de l'UE, comme Jolyon Howorth, Richard Gowan ou Tomas Ries. L'ouvrage se veut ambitieux... pose neanmoins une premiere pierre intelligente et fort utile sur un sujet qui continuera d'alimenter nombre de reflexions. Il permet de cadrer le debat et ouvre de multiples pistes de recherche.' [Thomas Renard and Sven Biscop examine the facts, sum up the situation, size up the forces in question and outline ways to correct the strategic deficit of these partnerships. They bring together renowned authors, experts in the EU's foreign policy, such as Jolyon Howorth, Richard Gowan or Tomas Ries. The book is ambitious... it lays the foundation stone for an intelligent and useful discussion on a topic that will continue to fuel many thoughts. It enables us to frame the debate and opens multiple avenues of research.] Politique Etrangere 'This book makes a very important contribution to better understand the new place the EU has in a lesser Atlantic-oriented world. Western countries are still the strongest in military and economic terms but their central role is being challenged by emerging actors. With this edited volume, the reader gets a full understanding of what the main challenges and opportunities for both parties.'
European Security

About the Author

Thomas Renard is a Research Fellow in the Europe in the World Programme at Egmont - Royal Institute for International Relations. Sven Biscop is Director of Egmont's Europe in the World Programme and visiting professor at the College of Europe in Bruges and at Ghent University.

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28th May 2012


Prof. Dr. Sven Biscop

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Ashgate Publishing Limited an imprint of Taylor & Francis Ltd


232 pages


Politics & government
Politics & government
Politics & government
Politics & government
Politics & government
Politics & government



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