Omnifray RPG Basic Handbook

by Matt West

Omnifray RPG Basic Handbook Synopsis

The Enshrouded Lands - an earth-like world where magic bubbles away beneath the surface, beyond the ken of the common folk - may take so many forms that they really are a thousand worlds in one. Omnifray is the game of your choice:- your choice how the story develops, your choice as a player of the background and abilities of your character and your choice as referee of how to interpret the game-world and its secrets, how to use the rules and what your monsters can do. Omnifray is enormously flexible and packed with innovative ideas. It can be a challenging game to run or play; if you want the best in atmosphere, choice and a true-to-life feel, and a level playing field for all PCs, you can take that challenge! In this book is all you need to play:- world background, basic rules, legendary creatures, basic NPCs and a taster of the advanced rules, with magical powers for NPCs and feats of physical energy and concentration for player characters. Omnifray is meant for a mature audience.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781409205166
Publication date: 30th June 2009
Author: Matt West
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 324 pages
Categories: Hobbies, quizzes & games,

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