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European Industrialization

by Chris Wrigley, Albert Carreras

Part of the Making of Europe Series

European Industrialization Synopsis

Background to this project: This book is intended to replace a volume on industrialization in the series originally signed with Jurgen Kocka. Kocka withdrew from the series last year. The project presented here, along with a book on law (again to replace a previously-contracted author) will be the last of the volumes to be commissioned in the Making of Europe series. The commercial potential for the book is likely to be relatively modest in our markets, but Jacques Le Goff, the series editor, and the other publishing partners, feel strongly that the series venture would be incomplete without the theme of industrialization (and law) represented. The series has given us the opportunity to be associated with some high-profile, successful books (e.g. Brown's 'Rise of Christendom'; Eco's 'Search for the Perfect Language'; Tilly's 'European Revolutions' etc.) and I don't feel we can withdraw support at this stage. Sales and publishing strategies for the series have varied but the following are representative: Brown/Rise of Western Christendom - 2e published 11/02 pb life sales BPL 1849; BPI 4314 Bade/Migration in European History - published hb only 7/03 hb life sales BPL 131; BPI 115 Schulze/States, Nations and Nationalism - 'trade' hb pub 1995 life sales BPL 703; BPI 806. pb pub 1/98 life sales BPL 1707; BPI 763 Bock/Women in European History - pub simultaneously 12/01 hb life BPL 105; BPI 102. pb life BPL 273; BPI 567 Main blurb: This is a general history of industrialization in Europe, from the beginnings of industrial change in the eighteenth century to the present day. It provides a comparative overview of the process, weaving in the experience of Britain - often seen in isolation - to the experience of Europe as a whole. The book explores the way in which European industrialists from the late eighteenth century succeeded in conquering manufacturing markets all over the world, fuelling imperial ambition. It also examines the social and cultural effects of industralization: demographic transition, mass emigration, urbanisation, the rise of working class, the diffusion of universal suffrage. The book traces the 'completion' of industrialization in the twentieth century. Here, for instance, the United States came to the fore in industrial leadership, but there were other models of industrialization at play, in the Soviet Union, in Japan, and so forth. After the Second World War, the two sides of Europe became fully industrialized. The present-day challenge for Europe is to compete with non-European manufacturers and to convert to a predominantly service economy. Alongside a general narrative history, the author provides a clear overview of the continuing debates on industrialization: can we talk of a defined moment of revolution? who benefited? who lost out?

Book Information

ISBN: 9781405162746
Publication date: 3rd February 2012
Author: Chris Wrigley, Albert Carreras
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd) an imprint of John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Format: Paperback / softback
Pagination: 224 pages
Categories: Industrialisation & industrial history, European history,

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