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Volcanoes Global Perspectives by John P. Lockwood, Richard W. Hazlett

Volcanoes Global Perspectives


RRP £52.50


Volcanoes Global Perspectives by John P. Lockwood, Richard W. Hazlett

Volcanoes are essential elements in the delicate global balance ofelemental forces that govern both the dynamic evolution of theEarth and the nature of Life itself. Without volcanic activity,life as we know it would not exist on our planet. Althoughbeautiful to behold, volcanoes are also potentially destructive,and understanding their nature is critical to prevent major loss oflife in the future. Richly illustrated with over 300 original color photographs anddiagrams the book is written in an informal manner, with minimumuse of jargon, and relies heavily on first-person, eye-witnessaccounts of eruptive activity at both red (effusive) and grey (explosive) volcanoes to illustrate the full spectrum of volcanicprocesses and their products. Decades of teaching in universityclassrooms and fieldwork on active volcanoes throughout the worldhave provided the authors with unique experiences that they havedistilled into a highly readable textbook of lasting value.Questions for Thought, Study, and Discussion, Suggestions forFurther Reading, and a comprehensive list of source references makethis work a major resource for further study of volcanology. Volcanoes maintains three core foci: Global perspectives explain volcanoes in terms of theirtectonic positions on Earth and their roles in earth history Environmental perspectives describe the essential roleof volcanism in the moderation of terrestrial climate andatmosphere Humanitarian perspectives discuss the major influencesof volcanoes on human societies. This latter is especiallyimportant as resource scarcities and environmental issues loom overour world, and as increasing numbers of people are threatened byvolcanic hazards Readership Volcanologists, advanced undergraduate, and graduate students inearth science and related degree courses, and volcano enthusiastsworldwide. A companion website is also available for this title at


This book has been decades in the making, and it was well worththe wait. Volcanoes: Global Perspectives is a great overviewof volcanology, an excellent textbook and a very good read. Somebooks on volcanism have as their central focus what volcanoes are;this one is as interested in how they are experienced, andit is this that gives it an extra freshness and energy.

The Volcanism Blog, July 2010

There are an awful lot of good books out there and we canadd one more to that list: Volcanoes: Global Perspectives by Jack Lockwood and Rick Hazlett. I've been able to go through thebook and it covers almost everything a volcanophile would want toknow about volcanism on Earth and in the solarsystem.

Dr. Erik Klemetti, Eruptions, May 2010

About the Author

Jack Lockwood worked for the US Geological Survey for over30 years, including 20 years in Hawaii, based at the HawaiianVolcano Observatory. He now runs a consulting business, GeohazardsConsultants International.

Richard (Rick) Hazlett is Coordinator of theEnvironmental Analysis Program and a member of the GeologyDepartment at Pomona College in Claremont, California, where heteaches an upper-level course in physical volcanology.

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Publication date

9th April 2010


John P. Lockwood, Richard W. Hazlett

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Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd) an imprint of John Wiley and Sons Ltd


552 pages


Volcanology & seismology



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