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Trust Matters For Organisational and Personal Success by Jeremy Kourdi, Sally Bibb

Trust Matters For Organisational and Personal Success



Trust Matters For Organisational and Personal Success by Jeremy Kourdi, Sally Bibb

Trust is seemingly in decline in contemporary society, yet its significance and value is undiminished. Numerous scandals afflicting business and politics, the growth of spin and a loss of faith in leaders as people with strong values have all eroded levels of trust. As trust becomes a scarcer commodity, those people and organizations that possess it have a distinct advantage. Trust matters - in fact, it is essential for: * Organizational Success and Profitability * Winning and Retaining Customers * Effective Leadership * Innovation and Creativity * Motivating and Energising People * Managing Risk * Personal Satisfaction, Fulfilment and Success This book is about trust: What can be achieved when it's present, what can happen when it's not and how to develop it.


'A stimulating read if you believe that trust is an essential ingredient in making organizations tick. If you do not...this is essential reading!' - Martin McCourt, Chief Executive Officer, Dyson

'Trust is the fabric that all customer and business relationships are built upon and yet it is so often ignored. You can't build loyalty without trust and companies increasingly need to focus their people and resources on building customer trust. There is no time to waste. You need to read this book now.' - Jeremy Dale, Vice President, Brand Marketing, Orange

'Speed, greed and expediency drive people and organizations to moral (and often financial) bankruptcy. Authenticity and respect cultivate trust, nurturing the tensions and lubricating the frictions of imperfect human behaviour in contemporary organizations. Sally Bibb and Jeremy Kourdi provide a clear and understandable range of conducive, supportive, practical ways to engender respect, authenticity and most of all renewed trust in contemporary organizations. This timely book is an insightful reminder of alternatives to the otherwise depressing stories of too many organizations in trouble.' - John Hofmeister, Director Human Resources, Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies

'This is an engaging and very well written book that tackles an important and neglected business topic. The authors are thoughtful and wide-ranging in their approach to Trust which they see as a central feature of business success. The book not only unpacks the subtle and complex concept of trust but describes how it is so easily lost in organizations.' - Professor Adrian Furnham, Department of Psychology, University College London

'In today's world, trust is a scarce resource and like anything that is in short supply, its value has rocketed in importance. Everyone should know whether they are building trust or destroying it - and this book provides the blueprint for those looking to create and sustain trust for themselves and the organizations where they work.' - Chris Genasi, Chief Executive, Eloqui Public Relations

'Commercially, politically, socially, we live in a climate of distrust. Trust Matters - and this book with that title lucidly explains why. It shows the need for leaders, followers and people generally to put some effort into gaining and keeping it, and, most of all, makes and reinforces the vital truth that only earning trust will do. - Neil Kinnock

'This book provides a fascinating and practical insight into a facet of business so readily taken for granted, but so often misunderstood. A must for all international leaders.' - Ritchie Bent, Group Head of Human Resources, Jardine Matheson Ltd, Asia

'It has never been more important that people understand clearly what the top leaders of an organization stand for. The examples given around leadership are very practical, and are useful for any individual or organization that internalizes the importance and benefits of leaders that create trust, an open work environment, and are dedicated to building a values-driven company.' - Susan Bowick, Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Workforce Development, Hewlett Packard

'This book touches a critical nerve. The authors take an intelligent and pragmatic look at the issues. I applaud them on tacking this sweeping and all-important topic.' - Brian Bennett, President Culinary Software Services, Inc. Boulder, CO USA

'The authors argue with clarity of thought and a strong conviction, that building and keeping trust lies at the heart of all successful organizations irrespective of industry and culture and that without it, both organizations and leaders will ultimately fail. If any book can make a leader sit up and take notice of this essential truth, this is the one!' - Rosemarie Wallace Regional Managing Director, Asia, Reader's Digest

'Trust: A precious commodity; occurs naturally but easily

'This is a serious account of how trust lies at the heart of business and personal success and how it can be built, broken and painstakingly rebuilt.' - Alison Maitland, Financial Times

'This book is a timely reminder that one of the most important foundation stones in communication is trust' - Ardi Kolah, Brand Republic

'This timely book on the art of creating, building and maintaining trust carries powerful messages for any organisation that values its customer relationships and should be an essential read for all marketers.' - John Ling, Chartered Institute of Marketing Magazine'

About the Author

SALLY BIBB is Organizational Development Director with The Economist Group. She has specialized in executive development for 15 years and holds a Masters degree in organizational change. Based in London, her work covers Europe, North America and Asia. Sally has also worked on several development programmes in the not-for-profit sector, including working with the LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) Business Arts Forum.JEREMY KOURDI is a Business Writer, Consultant and the author of twelve business books and many articles. Before establishing his own business, he was a Senior Vice President with The Economist Group, and he continues to undertake assignments for them. Other clients include the Chartered Management Institute, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Economist Intelligence Unit, HSBC Group, IMD Business School and Strathclyde University Graduate Business School. Jeremy has a Masters degree in International Relations.

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24th February 2004


Jeremy Kourdi, Sally Bibb

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Palgrave Macmillan an imprint of Palgrave USA


178 pages


Business ethics & social responsibility



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