by Merlin Smallbone

Future Synopsis

England 2359 AD. A boy grows up. Humans come out of their tunnels to repopulate the Earth. In a colony that's survived the Great Wipeout by being underground for 250 years with no leaders, who should you pick to lead? A nerd with luck. Poor boy, he's only 21, and without warning he's expected to deal with being married and worse - Sexing! At a drive-in cinema of the 1960s as recreated in the museum his new wife introduces him to fashionable and illegal food: chips. The sexing manual found in the glove box is worse than useless. It's the start of being bad, dishonest and independent that he must be to lead and make the future for them all.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781326928667
Publication date: 24th January 2017
Author: Merlin Smallbone
Publisher: Lulu.com Lulu.com
Format: eBook
Categories: Science fiction,

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