Travels in Syria and the Holy Land

by John Lewis Burckhardt

Part of the Cambridge Library Collection - Travel, Middle East and Asia Minor Series

Travels in Syria and the Holy Land Synopsis

John Lewis Burckhardt (1784-1817) was a Swiss explorer who is best remembered for his rediscovery of the ancient city of Petra in modern Jordan. In 1809 he was commissioned by the African Association to discover the source of the River Niger. In preparation for this journey, for which he needed to pass as a Muslim, Burckhardt spent two years exploring and studying Arabic and Islamic law in Aleppo, before travelling widely in Arabia and Egypt. First published in 1822, this book provides 'a view of Arabian life and manners in every degree, from the Bedouin camp to the populous city', but the most striking passages describe the ruins of Petra, and especially its sumptuously carved Nabataean tombs. Burckhardt also records his frustration at not being able to explore freely and make notes, but these activities would have laid him open to suspicion of being a spy or an infidel, and almost certain death.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781108069588
Publication date: 2nd June 2011
Author: John Lewis Burckhardt
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 720 pages
Categories: Travel writing,

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