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Everything Must Go

by La JohnJoseph

Everything Must Go Synopsis

In a future-queer world of magically changing locations, perversely transformed historical figures and oodles of spatter-violence, an intersexual teen mother describes her road trip with a cast of surreal travel buddies. The goal of her final destination: unleashing the Apocalypse. Riding in a banana-yellow convertible with our hero/ine is the strangely mature Baby, able to chat while still in the womb; as well as two Catholic Missionaries with a violent streak, a Charlie Chaplin who communicates only with cue cards, and Candy Bar, a winsome club kid who ends up fixing the face of Valentino's corpse at his funeral. Follow our hero/ine through a jungle of surreal orgies and terrorist explosions, described in language as word-rich and surreal as a Ronald Firbank novel. You'll howl with laughter the whole time and have nightmares about it long after you come to the breathlessly ridiculous final page.

Book Information

ISBN: 9780991219605
Publication date: 25th March 2014
Author: La JohnJoseph
Format: eBook
Categories: Science fiction,

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