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Processes: or a Depth Psychology. Eight Selected Papers on Psychoanalysis by Phodious Evangelou

Processes: or a Depth Psychology. Eight Selected Papers on Psychoanalysis


Processes: or a Depth Psychology. Eight Selected Papers on Psychoanalysis by Phodious Evangelou

Academic book in Psychoanalysis. Psychoanalytic School of Thought on the Unconscious: a brief contribution of psychological and biological evidence. A Mind-Body Connection: A developing theory of therapy for people that suffer with Wernicke's Aphasia (Damage to the left side of the brain that processes language). Examining 'The Order' of the Group and its Formation. Winnicott's Theory of Development: The Imaginary Construction of the Real. Freud's contribution on dreams and its theory of function. The Wolf-Man. (A case study originally developed by Freud examining an infant obsessional neurosis). Theory and Technique: Libido, Oedipus Complex and Neurosis; Jung and Freud's Account. The Case of Dora: Dora's first dream, her feelings towards her mother re-examined and Freud's failure to interpret the transference.

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19th June 2008


Phodious Evangelou

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Phodis (Phodious) Evangelou


99 pages





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