A Future Fairytale

by Pauline J. Jones

A Future Fairytale Synopsis

A Future Fairytale is a science fiction romantic comedy in which a troupe of traveling entertainers in an unarmed spaceship get caught up in a quest to go back in time to prevent a devastating war. However time travel has been outlawed for a thousand years and the ruthless Time Guardians will stop at nothing to protect the timeline. Our heroes must fight duels, juggle fire, cross deserts, bore people to sleep, and locate a working time machine, while keeping one step ahead of the dreaded Time Guardians. They're not rich and only one of them is good looking but the fate of half a billion people and the future of the galaxy hangs on their shoulders. Success could mean losing everything including their lives but they must not fail. A Future Fairytale is a fun filled adventure written in the traditional story telling medium. It can be enjoyed by the whole family. To find out about Pauline's upcoming novels please visit www.cozyread.com

Book Information

ISBN: 9780955680007
Publication date: 16th January 2008
Author: Pauline J. Jones
Publisher: Pauline Jones
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 336 pages
Categories: Science fiction,

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