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Gender and Its Effects on Psychopathology by American Psychopathological Association


Gender and Its Effects on Psychopathology by American Psychopathological Association

Starting in embryonic development, gender has profound influences on us. Endocrine receptors in the brain affect cognition, mood, and behavior differently in males and females, and gender roles inevitably affect our psychosocial experiences. It should be no surprise that men and women have differences in vulnerability for developing many forms of psychopathology, in expression of symptoms and in response to treatment.Gender and Its Effect on Psychopathology examines the gender differences in psychopathology, including susceptibility to psychiatric disorders, the timing of their onset, their course, and their response to treatment. Dr. Ellen Frank and colleagues show how studying these differences helps clinicians in predicting patients' responses to treatment. This book reviews ? The types of depression to which women are prone, the hormonal basis of mood disorders in women, and the specific clinical phenomenology of reproduction-related depressions? Findings on how gender difference in socialization affect the development and symptoms of psychiatric disorders? Studies hormonal and pubertal changes that may explain the rise in rates for depression among females relative to males between ages 10 and 15 years? Epidemiological findings on the prevalence of depression among women and discusses plausible explanations for these findings? Gender differences in antisocial and borderline personality disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, and substance dependence A synopsis of current research on gender differences, Gender and Its Effects on Psychopathology provides practitioners with invaluable insight into understanding and treating patients with a variety of psychiatric disorders.


This is a truly wonderful book that should be on the shelf of all academic researchers who are interested in psychopathology. The book provides insights into both causal and consequential factors associated with gender differences in psychopathology. These top researchers go beyond synthesizing current data to making very clear strides towards comprehensive theories and understanding of gender differences in psychopathology. For example, Dr. Kessler's chapter entitled Sex Differences in Major Depression: Epidemiological Finding not only provides up to date information regarding epidemiological findings of sex differences in depression, but provides a comprehensive framework for evaluating the often confusing data in this field. Similarly, Dr. Kandel brings both expertise and theory into understanding differences between men and women in rates of substance abuse. I highly recommend this book to all academics who are interested in understanding gender differences in psychopathology. This book is thorough, comprehensive, and moves the field ahead in considering the importance of gender in psychopathology. This book should prove valuable for both mental health professionals and women's studies programs, where understanding the contribution of gender to psychopathology could be critical. The importance of this to our understanding of psychopathology and gender cannot be underestimated. The organization of the book makes it not only straight forward to read and digest, but easily accessible as a valuable reference. It is a landmark publication, authored by those with the greatest international expertise in this very important area. This book will be of interest to those who wish to understand psychopathology, as well as those who wish to further our understanding of the role of gender in mental health. The integration and elegant analysis of this timely topic should truly inform the field. -- Jeanne Miranda, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Georgetown University Medical C

About the Author

Ellen Frank, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh and at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic.

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Publication date

1st January 2000


American Psychopathological Association

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American Psychiatric Association Publishing


332 pages


Gender studies, gender groups



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