God's Eye View Worshiping Your Way to a Higher Perspective

by Tommy Tenney

God's Eye View Worshiping Your Way to a Higher Perspective Synopsis

In God's Eye View, Tommy Tenney explores how worship lifts us up to see the trouble we face from God's perspective instead of being trapped in an earthly, time-bound viewpoint. The higher we go, the smaller our problems seem. Tenney also teaches the Principle of Magnification: The closer you get to something, the bigger it appears. In other words, worship not only shrinks our problems; it also magnifies God in our lives and to others. Worship doesn't really change our problems; it just minimizes their influence over us as we focus on God. He doesn't promise to remove all of our circumstances, but God does assure us that in His presence and from His perspective--we can see things as they really are and not how they appear to be. In the book of Revelation John was instructed to behold the Lion, but from an earthly perspective John saw only the Lamb. The heavenly perspective reveals that the Lamb is the Lion, the babe of Bethlehem is the ancient of days, and the dragon is really a weakened lizard. God's eye view is higher than man's. Higher than a bird's eye view, higher than a man's eye view is God's eye view.

Book Information

ISBN: 9780849928826
Publication date: 15th July 2008
Author: Tommy Tenney
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 224 pages
Categories: Spirituality & religious experience,

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