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Heidegger and a Metaphysics of Feeling Angst and the Finitude of Being

by Sharin N. Elkholy

Part of the Continuum Studies in Continental Philosophy Series

Heidegger and a Metaphysics of Feeling Angst and the Finitude of Being Synopsis

This is an important new monograph, focussing on the concept of Angst, a concept central to Heidegger's thought and popular among readers.The early Heidegger of Being and Time is generally believed to locate finitude strictly within the individual, based on an understanding that this individual will have to face its death alone and in its singularity. Facing death is characterized by the mood of Angst (anxiety), as death is not an experience one can otherwise access outside of one's own demise.In the later Heidegger, the finitude of the individual is rooted in the finitude of the world it lives in and within which it actualizes its possibilities, or Being. Against the standard reading that the early Heidegger places the emphasis on individual finitude, this important new book shows how the later model of the finitude of Being is developed in Being and Time . Elkholy questions the role of Angst in Heidegger's discussion of death and it is at the point of transition from the nothing back to the world of projects that the author locates finitude and shows that Heidegger's later thinking of the finitude of Being is rooted in Being and Time .

Heidegger and a Metaphysics of Feeling Angst and the Finitude of Being Press Reviews

Sharin N. Elkholy's Heidegger and a Metaphysics of Feeling: Angst and the Finitude of Being, provides incisive commentary on one of the most difficult thinkers of the postmodern philosophy. The renown of Heidegger's genius is matched by his often muddling, too-creative language. Elkholy successfully manages to highlight the former while clarifying the latter. Philosophical practitioners, serious readers of philosophy, and expositors on Heidegger are better for it...Upon finishing the book, one wishes that all commentary and interpretation of Heidegger would be as concise. Also of great interest to the reader and serious student of Heidegger are Elkholy's brief comments on his theory of ontological homelessness. For the sake of philosophical practitioners at least, I hope the very capable Elkholy pursues an in-depth exposition of this timely theory. - Tim Weldon, Philosophical Practice, Vol. 3 No. 3, October 2008 Mention -Book News, February 2009 Mention --Book News, February 2009 Mention Book News, February 2009 Sharin Elkholy's Heidegger and a Metaphysics of Feeling offers an original interpretation of the role of Angst in Heidegger's Being and Time. Against the grain of many and varied commentators on this theme, Elkholy's central thesis is that the experience of Angst or anxiety, and the concomitant encounter with the nothing fundamentally disindividuates and strips inauthentic Da-sein of any and all sense of selfhood. - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews--Sanford Lakoff ... very well-written and the author's position is well-argued.--Sanford Lakoff

Book Information

ISBN: 9780826498755
Publication date: 7th August 2008
Author: Sharin N. Elkholy
Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd. an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 176 pages
Categories: History of Western philosophy,

About Sharin N. Elkholy

Sharin N. Elkholy is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Houston, USA. She received her degree in Philosophy from the New School for Social Research In New York, USA.

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