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The Reception of Jane Austen in Europe

by Anthony Mandal

Part of the The Reception of British and Irish Authors in Europe Series

The Reception of Jane Austen in Europe Synopsis

This volume of international research provides a wide-ranging account of Jane Austen's reception across the length and breadth of Europe, from Russia and Finland in the North to Italy and Spain in the South. In historical terms, the survey ranges from the near-contemporary - since Austen's novels were available in French very soon after their original publication - to modern times, in those countries which for various reasons, linguistic, historical or ideological, have taken up the novels only in recent years. For many, Austen's novels are valued for their romantic content, as love stories, but increasingly they are being perceived as sophisticated, ironic narratives. In this, the quality of translation has been a significant factor and the many film and television adaptations have played an important part in establishing Austen's reputation amongst the public at large. It will be seen from this that across Europe Austen's 'reception history' is far from uniform and has been shaped by a complex of extra-literary forces.

The Reception of Jane Austen in Europe Press Reviews

As an empirical piece of research, this edition is faultless; however, its chief value lies in the stories it tells of British-European relations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and of the new ground it opens up in terms of widening Austne scholarship.The Reception of Jane Austen in Europe proves again how complex this apparently straightforward writer is; it is not so much the case that Austen can or cannot 'travel'; simply that she has rarely made the journey untarnished. But the journeys have been many, and whether Austen was translated in her lifetime (France), or not until the 1960s (Russia), there is a story to be told. Transnational Literature, May 2009 In the age of 'global' Jane Austen...the study of her reception around the world and through the ages is becoming of increasing interest to her readers. For this reason this collection of extremely timely...Each contribution stands on its own, enabling readers to delve into the history of Austen's increasing popularity in a particular country, while the exhaustive timeline, which charts the pan-European reception of Austen from 1775 to the present day (a stroke of genius), and the introduction by Professor Mandal provide the all-important overview of the vast subject matter of the book. As we approach the two hundredth anniversary of the foreign reception of Austen's peerless novels, we are fortunate to be able to welcome this fine new contribution to the important tradition of scholarship that explores and assesses the amazing phenomenon of Austen's enduring legacy and universal fame. -Elisabeth Lenckos, JASNA News: The Newsletter of the Jane Austen Society of North America, Winter 2008--Sanford Lakoff 'The detailed scholarship in The Reception of Jane Austen in Europe makes this an impressive reference volume, with plenty of translation interest.' --Sanford Lakoff This substantial volume, in the editors' words, builds on 'earlier commentaries by providing, for the first time, a comprehensive account of Austen's reception across seventeen nations' (2007, 2). -James Rovira, College Literature, Vol. 36, April 2009

Book Information

ISBN: 9780826469328
Publication date: 13th August 2007
Author: Anthony Mandal
Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd. an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 448 pages
Categories: Literary studies: fiction, novelists & prose writers, Literary studies: c 1800 to c 1900 ,

About Anthony Mandal

Anthony Mandal is Lecturer in English Literature at Cardiff University. Brian Southam is former Chairman of the Jane Austen Society. Among his many books are the two volumes of Jane Austen: The Critical Heritage (1968, 1987).

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