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Advanced Chemistry of Rare Elements, 3rd Edition by Satya Prakash

Advanced Chemistry of Rare Elements, 3rd Edition


Advanced Chemistry of Rare Elements, 3rd Edition by Satya Prakash

CONTENTS - PART I. ATOMS, MOLECULES AND CHEMICAL BONDING - I. Atom: Wave Nature and Configuration - II. Electron Clouds, Covalent and Ionic Radii - III. Molecular Orbitals - IV. Valence Bond Theory of Chemical Bonding - V. Hybridization - VI. Chemical Bonding and its Molecular Orbital Theory - VII. Coupling of Angular Momenta and Magnetic Moments - VIII. Transitional Elements - IX. Complexes, Ligands and Molecular Orbital Field Theory - PART II. NON-TRANSITIONAL ELEMENTS - X. Inert Gases of the Zero Group - Rare Elements of the Alkali Group - XI. Lithium - XII. Rubidium, Caesium and Francium - Rare Elements of the Alkaline Earth Group - XIII. Beryllium - XIV. Radium and Radon - Rare Elements of Boron-Aluminium Group - XV. Gallium - XVI. Indium - XVII. Thallium - Rare Elements of Carbon Group - XVIII. Germanium - Rare Elements of Oxygen-Sulphur Group - XIX. Selenium - XX. Tellurium and Polonium - XXI. Element 85, Alabamine or Astatine of Halogen Group - PART III. TRANSITIONAL ELEMENTS - XXII. Scandium - XXIII. Lathanide Series or Rare Earths - Rare Elements of the Titanium Sub-Group - XXIV. Titanium - XXV. Zirconium - XXVI. Hafnium - XXVII. Thorium - Rare Elements of the Vanadium Sub-Group - XXVIII. Vanadium - XXIX. Columbium or Niobium - XXX. Tantalum - Rare Elements of the Chromium Sub-Group - XXXI. Molybdenum - XXXII. Tungsten or Wolfram - XXXIII. Uranium - Rare Elements of the Manganese Sub-Group - XXXIV. Rhenium and Technetium - Platinum Metals - XXXV. Ruthenium - XXXVI. Rhodium - XXXVII. Palladium - XXX VIII. Osmium - XXXIX. Iridium - XL. Platinum - XLI. Actinium and Protoactinium - XLII. Trans-Uranium Elements - Rare Earth Homologues in the Actinide Series - Index -

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Publication date

1st November 1967


Satya Prakash

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Author 'Like for Like'


Chemical Publishing Co Inc.,U.S.


820 pages


Organic chemistry
Industrial chemistry
Materials science



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