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Commercial Waxes, Second Edition

by H. Bennett

Commercial Waxes, Second Edition Synopsis

Contents - PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION - PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION - INTRODUCTION - ABBREVIATIONS - 1. NATURAL WAXES - Mineral Waxes: Paraffin Wax; Microcrystalline Waxes; Petrolatum Wax; Ozokerite; Ceresin; Utah Wax; Montan Wax - Vegetable Waxes: Botanical Origin of Waxes - Solubility of Vegetable Waxes - Carnauba Wax - Flower Wax - First Wax - Medium Wax - Sandy Wax - Fat Wax - Candelilla Wax - Japan Wax - Ucuhuba Wax - 2. MANUFACTURED AND SYNTHETIC WAXES - Fatty Alcohols: Cetyl Alcohol; Lanette Wax; Technical Stearyl Alcohol - Fatty Acids: Stearic Acid; Palmitic Acid; Myristic Acid; Distilled Fatty Acids; Solubility of Fatty Acids - Polyglycols: Carbowaxes - Polyhydric Alcohol Fatty Acid Esters: Glyceryl Stearates - Glycol Fatty-Acid Esters - Sorbitol Stearates - Pentawaxes - Hydrogenated Oils: Opalwax - Chlorinated Naphthalenes: Halowax; Seekay Wax - Acrawaxes: Acrawax B; Acrawax C. - I. G. Waxes - Miscellaneous Synthetic Waxes - COMMERCIAL WAXES - Albacer - Diolin- Flexo Wax - C-Glyco Waxes- Stroba Wax - Ketones, Amines, Amides, and Nitriles- 16-Hentriacontanone - Octadecyl-Hexadecyl Amine - Octadecylamine- Armids- Octadecanamide-Hexadecanamide - Octadecane Nitrile-Octadecane-Hexadecane Nitrile - Santowaxes - Santowax R - Alcowaxes - Alcowax-M - Alcowax-G - 3. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF WAXES AND WAX COMPOSITIONS - Increasing the Viscosity of Molten Waxes - Penetration - Surface Tension of Waxes - Adhesiveness - Increasing Compatibility - Raising the Melting Point of Waxes: Raising the Melting Point of Petrolatum - Effects of a Wax Sizing on the Moisture Absorption of Insulating Board - Pliolite-Paraffin Wax Compositions - Specific Heat of Petroleum Waxes - Melting Points of Binary Wax Mixtures - Solubility of Waxes: Solubility of Waxes in Different Solvents - Compatibility of Paraffin Waxes with Other Substances - Compatibility of Mixed Fatty Acids - Compounded Waxes - 4. WAX TECHNOLOGY - Adulteration - Quality Variations Simple Tests: Melting Point - Specific Gravity - Moisture and Insoluble Matter - Accurate Determination of Specific Gravity: Preparation of Sample - Determination of Specific Gravity at 25/25 C - Identification of Mixed Waxes: Schematic Outline for Identification - Separation and Comparison of the Properties of the Wax Components - Spermaceti - Beeswax - Carnauba Wax - Candelilla Wax - Montan Wax - Paraffin Wax - Ozokerite - 5. WAXES IN INDUSTRY - Dental Waxes: Method of Producing Base-Plate Wax - Lipsticks - Pharmaceutical Preparations - Embalming Preparations - Pyrotechnics - Candles: Wicks- Winding- Candle Sizes - Machinery - Wax Candles - Paraffin Candles - Temperature Control-Colors, Sizes, and Shapes - Standard Candle - Melting Point of Wax Mixtures - Congealing Point of Candles - Leather Finishes - Paper Finishes - Waterproofing Kraft Papers - Evaluation of Waxes for Paper Board: Stain and Flow Test at 130 F - Softening and Melting Point - Flexibility and Strength - Viscosity - Surface Tension - Permeability - Degree of Impregnation - Effect of Wax on the Strength of Board - Electrolyte Penetration Test - 6. GLOSSARY - SPECIAL TABLES AND SUBSTITUTES 7. WAX FORMULARY - Adhesives and Cements - Agricultural and Garden Specialties - Building Materials- Carbon Paper, Inks, and Crayons - Cosmetics and Medicinal Preparations - Dental Preparations - Emulsions - Full TOC available on Website

Book Information

ISBN: 9780820601564
Publication date: 30th July 2011
Author: H. Bennett
Publisher: Chemical Publishing Co Inc.,U.S.
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 692 pages
Categories: Materials science,

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