Native Orchids of Minnesota

by Welby R. Smith

Native Orchids of Minnesota Synopsis

Though often considered exotic and rare, orchids actually can be found across climates and continents-and Minnesota is no exception. The state is home to forty-nine wild orchids, occurring in every county. With a little patience, a modicum of outdoor experience, and this handy book, any Minnesotan can discover the common species of orchids in the wild. Native Orchids of Minnesota features detailed drawings and color photographs that make reliable identification practical even for beginners. In-depth discussions of habitats and natural history for each species reveal intricate ecological relationships and seldom-seen aspects of orchid biology. The book includes distribution maps for each species of wild orchid found in Minnesota as well as maps showing generalized distribution throughout North America. It also contains a phenology chart depicting the range of flowering dates and a comprehensive glossary of terms.Native Orchids of Minnesota is both a guide and a resource for the serious naturalist, the weekend botanist, and the connoisseur of natural beauty.

Native Orchids of Minnesota Press Reviews

For most anyone who has spent time in the forests or prairies of Minnesota, some of the orchids in the book will be familiar, while others - like the calypso or the bog adder's mouth - might only be found in the wild once in a lifetime. It's guaranteed to get the naturalist in all of us thinking about our next foray into the swamp, pine stand, or prairie. And even if you'll never find some of these in the wild, the glossy, full color photos make each of them come alive. -Ely Timberjay An outstanding guide to this special flora ... This book is the perfect way to learn more about native orchids, thanks to a well-written text matched with an abundance of useful illustrations. -Current Books on Gardening & Botany This expanded new edition...adds significant value, taking advantage of current technological as well as scientific advances. -Choice Native Orchids of Minnesota is both a guide and a resource for the serious naturalist, the weekend botanist, and the connoisseur of natural beauty. -Northeastern Naturalist Nineteen years after publishing Orchids of Minnesota, the author has published an updated, comprehensive, and beautifully illustrated new volume, Native Orchids of Minnesota. Most orchid fanciers will find themselves totally enchanted by the reading and admiring process. -Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas This is a very well done, comprehensive is a valuable and reliable source of scientific information, but is also well illustrated and very suitable for an interested naturalist. -The Michigan Botanist

Book Information

ISBN: 9780816678235
Publication date: 20th April 2012
Author: Welby R. Smith
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 400 pages
Categories: House plants, Trees, wildflowers & plants,

About Welby R. Smith

Welby R. Smith is the state botanist with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in St. Paul. He is the author of Trees and Shrubs of Minnesota and a contributor to Minnesota's Endangered Flora and Fauna, both published by Minnesota.

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