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Love and Lust by Susie Bright

Love and Lust

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Love and Lust by Susie Bright

SALES HANDLE: The allure and sales track record of the Desire Journal meets bestselling sex author, speaker, and performer Susie Bright. HOW THIS TITLE WILL BE PROFITABLE AND DISTINCTIVE: The fanbase of Susie Bright and the success of Chronicle's sex publishing is a winning combination. This journal will be distinctive in that it is authored by Susie Bright, a recognized expert in the field, and it combines a mix of quotes and prompts (whereas our Desire Journal and many of the other journals on the market are much less guided). QUANTIFY VALUE: Susie Bright leads sold-out sex workshops in which she guides participants to journal about their sex lives. The same content is found in this journal, without the expense of signing up for an actual workshop. By the end of this journal, the consumer will have created a 'sex autobiography' she can look back on, and will have uncovered some forgotten memories and come up with some ideas for new sexual experiences she wants to have. TREND/CONSUMER: Sex sells. Other guided sex journals have done extremely well, with out-of-house journals like All About Us selling almost 360K and even our own Desire Journal at 270K. And this journal speaks to a more experienced, somewhat older woman, where the Desire Journal found a niche in the teen and young woman market. And it speaks to women who are a little less shy about their sexual selves (think women who watched Sex and the City in its heyday (or watch it in reruns today) and strive to emulate the sexual lives of the characters). Think women who celebrate their sexuality--they may not discuss it openly with everyone, but they're not shy about it. HEAVY-HITTING AUTHOR: Susie Bright is a publicity/marketing powerhouse! --Susie Bright is a well-known sexpert--respected author, speaker, teacher, audio show host, and performer. She edited the two most successful erotica series of all time, 'Herotica' and 'Best American Erotica.' --Susie is an active and respected figure in the world of sex and sexual politics. In addition to authoring and editing various books, she: --hosts a weekly audio show called 'In Bed with Susie Bright' --has written weekly columns for various periodicals (including Bust, Salon, Playboy online) --has produced and edited various erotica audio-books/projects. --She has co-starred, written, narrated, and produced various programs for TV, video, and film. --She has been a featured guest on TV shows (Six Feet Under.) --She has contributed to many periodicals (Sex columnist for Bust, Playboy, Salon, and others) --Frequent contributor to Esquire, New York Times, Elle, Dwell, Playboy, MS., The Realist, UTNE Reader, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Hungry Minds Review, Village Voice, & The Stranger. --an active figure in the sex/community, performing, giving classes and public lectures nationwide (The Politics of Sexual Representation, course at UC Santa Cruz) --Susie's blog ( averages 6,000 visitors/subscribers per day and was voted one of the Top Ten Sex Blogs by Technorati, 2006; Her Best American Erotica series reached number 29 on iTunes' Top 100 Downloaded Books.

About the Author

SUSIE BRIGHT SANTA CRUZ, CA Susie Bright is an incredible promoter and marketer and will do attend/host events, signings, etc. Just ask! Susie Bright, also known as Susie Sexpert, is an author, editor, activist, performer, lecturer, sex guru, teacher, and mom. She has a weekly program entitled 'In Bed with Susie Bright' distributed through, where she discusses a variety of social, freedom of speech and sex-related topics. Bright co-founded and edited the first women's sex magazine, On Our Backs, 'entertainment for the adventurous lesbian,' from 1984 to 1991. She founded the first women's erotica book series, 'Herotica' and edited the first three volumes. She started 'The Best American Erotica' series which continued from 1993-2008. Bright taught the first university class on the subject of the aesthetics and politics of pornography at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California in 1986. She became well-known for her scholarship in sexual representation through her courses on the subject at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She currently resides in Santa Cruz, California. Previously Published Books: **Series Editor, Best American Erotica, Simon and Schuster, 1993-2008 **Editor, Three Kinds of Asking For It, Eric Albert, Greta Christina, and Jill Soloway, edited by Susie Bright, Simon and Schuster, 2005 **Editor, Three the Hard Way, by William Harrison, Greg Boyd, and Tsaurah Litzky, edited by Susie Bright, Simon and Schuster, 2004 **Mommy's Little Girl: Susie Bright on Sex, Motherhood, Pornography, and Cherry Pie, Thunder's Mouth, 2004 **How To Write a Dirty Story: Reading, Writing, and Publishing Erotica, Simon and Schuster, 2002 **Full Exposure: Opening Up to Sex and Creativity , HarperCollins, SanFrancisco, 1999 **The Sexual State of the Union, Simon & Schuster, 1997, 1998 **Author and Co-Editor, Nothing But the Girl: the Blatant Lesbian Image, Cassell, 1996 **SexWise, Cleis Press, 1995 **Editor, Totally Herotica, Book-of-the-Month Club, 1995 **Featured artist, Angry Women, RE/Search, interview by Andrea Juno, Fall 1991 **Susie Bright's Sexual Reality: A Virtual Sex Reader, Cleis Press , 1992 **Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex World, Cleis Press, 1990 **Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex World, 2nd edition with three new chapters, Cleis Press, 1998 **Herotica, 10th anniversary edition, with Afterword by the editor, Down There Press, 1998 **Editor, Herotica, Herotica II, Herotica III, Down There Press and Penguin USA, 1988, 1992, and 1994 AWARDS & BESTSELLERS **Top Ten Sex Blogs, Technorati, 2006 **Erotic Writer of the Year, London, 2005 **Gail Rich Award, Santa Cruz, 2002 **Erotic Video of the Year, Sex Pest, London, England **New York Press Best Sex Columnist, for Salon Magazine's 'Sexpert Opinion' **Lambda Literary Award, Best Art Book of the Year, 1997, for Nothing But the Girl **Firecracker Award, Best Art Book of the Year, 1997, for Nothing But the Girl **Good Vibrations Venus Award, for community service **Full Exposure, National Bestseller **Best American Erotica, National Bestseller **Sexual State of the Union, National Bestseller Best American Erotica Sales: Year / YTD 1993 62,034 1994 50,922 1995 57,655 1996 41,203 (there was no 1998) 1997 51,101 1999 43,339 2000 47,617 2001 33,212 2002 23,535 2003 34,812 2004 31,054 2005 26,534 (being reprinted) 2006 22,264 Total sales in 15 years =Over 600,000 copies

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Publication date

1st September 2010


Susie Bright

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Chronicle Books


146 pages


Sex & sexuality, sex manuals



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