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Part of the ASME Press Series on Electronic Packaging Series



With this systematic examination of the factors that govern the thermal performance of electronics, the authors solve design problems encountered in developing and analyzing very-high-performance and high-heat-dissipation devices, as well as intermediate and lower-power devices. They explore a wide range of heat transfer technologies and consider their options when employing several different heat transfer modes simultaneously in a system. This important reference provides: Data and correlation's for the analysis and design of electronic equipment; Latest updates on thermal control technology; Review of the fundamentals of heat transfer; Approaches to solving real-world problems of vast complexity. While emphasizing the physics of each subject, the book keeps high-level mathematics to a minimum. Two chapters on conduction and extended surfaces deal with the fundamentals of various heat transfer modes; the other fifteen chapters focus on specific subjects of practical importance to the design of electronic systems. The nine appendices provide useful material, such as property tables for solids and sixteen types of fluids, as well as a comprehensive catalog of topics in connective heat transfer that includes heat transfer correlation's for various physical configurations and thermal boundary conditions. Contents: Introduction; Conduction; Convection; Radiation; Pool Boiling; Flow Boiling; Condensation; Extended Surfaces; Thermal Interface Resistance; Components and Printed Circuit Boards; Direct Air Cooling and Fans; Natural and Mixed Convection; Heat Exchangers and Cold Plates; Advanced Cooling Technologies; Heat Pipes; Thermoelectric Coolers. Appendices: Material Thermal Properties; Thermal Conductivity of Silicon and Gallium Arsenide; Properties of Air, Water, and Dielectric Fluids; Typical Emissivities of Common Surfaces; Properties of Phase-Change Materials; Friction Factor Correlation's; Heat Transfer Correlation's; Units Conversion Table.

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15th June 2002


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ASM International


440 pages


Materials science
Electronics engineering
Metals technology / metallurgy



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