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Every Contact Leaves a Trace

"For most people, dead bodies are horrifying. They are the physical representation of everything we're afraid of - our own mortality, the unknown, the inevitability of our eventual demise and the possible lack of dignity of the end. For Jo Ward, a dead body is a fascinating to learn about that ending and how it happened, be it through natural or unnatural cause."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

If the numbers of television programmes and the huge crowds seen at CrimeCon are anything to go by, True Crime may well be overtaking crime fiction in terms of popularity. Jo Ward is a familiar name to fans of the genre, mostly as a result of her work being followed by camera teams creating the BBC series ‘Forensics, the Real CSI’.

Every Contact Leaves a Trace is an autobiographical account of Jo Ward’s life and career describing how she became a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) and providing an insight into her work and how it assists the police in discovering the truth behind violent deaths and, where appropriate, securing the evidence necessary to convict the perpetrator.

This is not a reference book and does not explore the science behind forensics to any great depth. As such, it is a great read for the True Crime enthusiast.

One of this book’s particular strengths is, by exploring the autobiographical angle,it provides an excellent insight into the reality of CSI work, what is involved, the challenges, the bureaucracy, the effect of budget cuts and the effect of the investigators, their colleagues and families. This is a personal story and it pulls no punches.

This insight will also provide crime fiction writers with a valuable insight into the world enabling them to portray characters, crime investigation and forensic science with greater authenticity than previously possible.

A great little book, well worth the read.

Matt Johnson

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