Eisenhower's Heart Attack How Ike Beat Heart Disease and Held on to the Presidency

by Clarence G. Lasby

Eisenhower's Heart Attack How Ike Beat Heart Disease and Held on to the Presidency Synopsis

Previous Eisenhower biographers have touched on his heart condition, but Clarence Lasby is the first to examine the impact of the president's health on the nation. He offers a dramatic revisionist account of the events surrounding the president's 1955 heart attack and subsequent efforts by the president and his staff to minimize its political impact. Drawing on newly opened medical records and personal papers of Eisenhower's physicians, Lasby challenges virtually everything we have believed about the president's heart attack. Most disturbingly, he has discovered that the president's personal physician, Dr. Howard Snyder, misdiagnosed the attack as a gastrointestinal problem and waited ten hours before sending Eisenhower to the hospital. Lasby also sets the record straight on how the president and his aides managed the public's understanding of events, and he offers evidence that Eisenhower, Dr. Snyder, and press secretary James Hagerty withheld and recast information to serve the president's political priorities. Equally important, Lasby's book offers a touching portrait of a proud man faced with a debilitating disease. It examines Ike's private struggle to lead a full life despite his condition and analyzes his decision to seek a second term even against the advice of cardiologist Paul Dudley White. It also shows how a man who had always carefully joked after his health now became obsessed with it.

Eisenhower's Heart Attack How Ike Beat Heart Disease and Held on to the Presidency Press Reviews

The research is staggering; the discoveries are startling; the writing is outstanding; the topic is much wider and more important than the title suggests. I give this book my full endorsement, meaning that I wish it had been available to me when I wrote my biography of Ike, because I would have used it intensively. It is eye-opening not only on the state of medicine in 1955 and the politics of medicine in 1955, but on Ike's character, actions, and personality. --Stephen E. Ambrose, author of Eisenhower: Soldier and President This is a fascinating book--a marvelous read and a real contribution to the Eisenhower literature. --Fred I. Greenstein, author of The Hidden-Hand Presidency: Eisenhower as Leader

Book Information

ISBN: 9780700608225
Publication date: 30th April 1997
Author: Clarence G. Lasby
Publisher: University Press of Kansas
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 400 pages
Categories: Central government, Biography: historical, political & military,

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