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Cioffari's Experiments in College Physics by Dean S. Edmonds

Cioffari's Experiments in College Physics

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Cioffari's Experiments in College Physics by Dean S. Edmonds

For the full-year introductory physics course, calculus or non-calculus based, this complete laboratory text and workbook contains forty-four of the most popular college physics experiments. Each experiment includes detailed sections on theory, equipment, procedures, calculations, and questions. Available as a custom publishing option.


1. Measurement of Length, Mass, Volume, and Density 2. Addition of Vectors, Equilibrium of a Particle 3. Equilibrium of a Rigid Body 4. Uniformly Accelerated Motion: The Atwood Machine 5. Projectile Motion 6. The Ballistic Pendulum 7. Uniform Circular Motion 8. Friction 9. Simple Machines and the Principle of Work 10. Young's Modulus 11. Rotational Motion 12. Conservation of Angular Momentum 13. Archimedes
Principle 14. Simple Harmonic Motion 15. Standing Waves on Strings 16. The Sonometer 17. Resonance of Air Columns 18. Coefficient of Linear Expansion 19. Specific Heat and Calorimetry 20. Heat of Fusion and Heat of Vaporization 21. The Gas Laws 22. The Mechanical Equivalent of Heat 23. Coulomb

's Law and the Force Between Charged Plates 24. The Electric Field 25. The Force Between Electric Currents 26. Ohm's Law 27. The Wheatstone Bridge and Specific Resistance 28. Meter Sensitivity: Voltmeter and Ammeter 29. Joule's Law 30. The Potentiometer 31. The RC Circuit 32. Electromagnetic Induction: The Transformer 33. The Cathode Ray Oscilloscope 34. Alternating Current 35. Geometrical Optics 36. The Focal Length of Lenses; The Telescope and Microscope 37. Analysis of Light by a Prism Spectrometer 38. Interference of Light 39. The Diffraction Grating 40. Polarized Light 41. Radioactivity and the Geiger Counter 42. The Hydrogen Spectrum and the Rydberg Constant 43. The Ratio e/m for Electrons 44. The Photoelectric Effect Tables'

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Publication date

28th February 1997


Dean S. Edmonds

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Author 'Like for Like'


Houghton Mifflin an imprint of Cengage Learning, Inc


496 pages





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