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Remembering 1950s EASY-POP Songs and Singers by Daniel Niemeyer

Remembering 1950s EASY-POP Songs and Singers


Remembering 1950s EASY-POP Songs and Singers by Daniel Niemeyer

The definitive story behind the sound that defined a decade-1950s EASY-POP-that seminal time in American popular music when big bands were fading and rock 'n' roll had not yet arrived. Juke boxes, 45rpm records, sock-hops, drive-in movies, and top ten hits on the car radio characterized popular culture and music. Pop culture fans, 50s music collectors, nostalgia buffs, and libraries will find this insightful resource indispensable. It is a thoughtful gift for parents, music lovers, and 50s class reunions. Read insightful biographies of a hundred popular singers, recall two hundred of the most memorable songs of that decade, year by year, and discover fifty, all-but-forgotten, should-have-been-hits. The book also provides the back-story behind the post-war Christmas songs, 'cover' recordings, musical movies, and popular songs from the Broadway stage.

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30th January 2009


Daniel Niemeyer

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Author 'Like for Like'


Fifties Book Publishers


292 pages


Dance & other performing arts



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