The Indus Script: A Positional-Statistical Approach

by Michael Korvink

The Indus Script: A Positional-Statistical Approach Synopsis

Since the discovery of the Indus Civilization, the meaning of the enigmatic Indus script remains hidden in its four hundred characters. While many would-be-decipherers have attempted to unravel its meaning with the aid of a presumed underlying language, none of these attempts has proven successful. In response, the approach taken in this work does not preclude an underlying language, but offers an alternate approach where the positional patterns of the Indus signs are investigated in an attempt to segment the character strings. Michael Korvink is a former instructor of International Studies at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and now works in the private sector.

Book Information

ISBN: 9780615182391
Publication date: 27th July 2008
Author: Michael Korvink
Publisher: Gilund Press
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 94 pages
Categories: Education,

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