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The Holy Cipher: Who Changed God's Name? by Norbert H. Kox

The Holy Cipher: Who Changed God's Name?


The Holy Cipher: Who Changed God's Name? by Norbert H. Kox

Norbert H. Kox has researched the Bible in its original languages for more than 30 years, and presents his startling findings here. a Modern Christianity has been duped. Without ever knowing it, the Antichrist they are warning against has already infiltrated the Church.a The Key of knowledge has been hidden and the names of God and Saviour gradually removed from common use without raising suspicion or inciting controversy. The two most important names in the history of mankind have been all but obliterated from existence. Where these names are still in tact they are being undermined, by missionaries who believe they are doing a service to God. This treatise is part of a documented research study into the historical linguistic changes in the names of God and Saviour, from the oldest known manuscripts to the modern present-day English versions of the Bible. Along with solid historical and etymological evidence, symmetrical Bible codes are presented as irrefutable ratification.

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2nd January 2008


Norbert H. Kox

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