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Google LDN ! by Mr Joseph Wouk


Google LDN ! by Mr Joseph Wouk

The book begins as a journal entitled, PLACEBO - A Rationalist Seeks a Miracle Cure. Wouk, a hardened western rationalist has no patience for spooks or spirits or any other new age wishful thinking. His plan is to try to delude himself with psychedelics into thinking he is cured - Thereby activating the placebo effect to cure himself for real. He covers all the bases: From Buddhism to Judaism. From quantum physics to Godel's incompleteness theorem. From alternative medicine to the Metaphysics of Quality. Told with humor and honesty, Wouk pulls the reader through his thought processes as he watches his mind dissolve from the subcortical dementia caused by his particular variety of MS. Right before he is scheduled to leave for Peru, all his MS symptoms suddenly disappear. The only drug he was taking was Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). The second part of the book is entitled: LDN - Miracle Cure Found ! After his symptoms disappear, Wouk finds out that LDN has been stopping the progress of Progressive MS for 20 years. It also has been helping cancer victims, AIDS patients, Parkinson's sufferers, and a host of other immune system related diseases. Naltrexone was FDA approved only to treat recovering addicts. The low dose version works its magic by tripling the body's production of endorphins. This restores the immune system to full operation; hence the drug's ability to help so many diseases. It doesn't fight the diseases; the body fights them once the immune system is restored. Because it is now generic, no one will spend the millions required for FDA approval. Google LDN ! is Wouk's attempt at Dana Paramita, the Buddhist version of Christian good works . The book includes a hundred page appendix with the most up to date information about LDN and its effects on immune system related diseases.

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15th April 2009


Mr Joseph Wouk

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Author 'Like for Like'


RV Publishing


268 pages


Family & health



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