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Message of Acts in Codex Bezae (vol 4).

by Jenny Read-Heimerdinger, Josep Rius-Camps

Message of Acts in Codex Bezae (vol 4). Synopsis

This is the final volume in the justifiably lauded four-volume commentary on the Book of Acts, presenting a fresh look at the text of Codex Bezae and comparing its message with that of the more familiar Alexandrian text - of which the Codex Vaticanus is taken as a representative. Where Codex Bezae is lacunary (after 22.29), other manuscripts that often support Bezan readings elsewhere are employed. Although based on the Greek text, the commentary aims to be accessible to those who are not familiar with Greek. It is intended to publish the entire Greek text of Codex Bezae following the publication of this fourth volume. The fourth volume addresses Acts 18.24-28.31, the chapters that cover the trial of Paul and the last stage of the mission to the Gentiles, culminating in Paul's unhindered proclamation of the gospel in Rome. For each section, there is a side by side translation of the Vaticanus and Bezan manuscripts (or related alternatives after 22.29), followed by a full critical apparatus which deals with more technical matters, and finally, a commentary which explores in detail the differences in the message of the two texts. Of particular interest in this part of Acts is the evaluation made by the author of Paul's defence at his successive trials which, it is argued, is considerably less favourable than is commonly assumed.

Message of Acts in Codex Bezae (vol 4). Press Reviews

This is a major work of scholarship. Reviewed by Paul Foster in Expository Times, September 2009. 'The fourth and final installment of the commentary no the Bezan text of Ats is a welcomed finale. The authors, Rius-Camps and Read-Heimerdinger, have produced a solid work due to their attention to detail. In this volume, Acts 18:24-28:31, Codex Bezae is lacuna after 29:29a and the commentary picks up with other variants (not of any particular tradition, e.g Western nor Alandrian) in Acts.' Gregory S Paulson, University of Edinburg--Sanford Lakoff Theological Book Review 'One may nonetheless learn much from the authors' close (and often intertextual) reading of Acts and appreciate the undeniable erudition, skill, insight, and patience with which the authors present their stimulating and provocative case.'--Sanford Lakoff This volume continues and concludes the comparison of Codex Bezae with the Alexandrian textual tradition by looking at Acts 18:24-28:31. After a twelve-page general introduction, it divides the material into four major sections: the third phase of the mission to the Gentiles Ephesus (acts 19:24-19:40); the journey to Jerusalem (20:1-21:14); Paul on trial (21:15-27:1); and Rome the final goal (27:2-28:31). -New Testament Abstracts, Vol. 54

Book Information

ISBN: 9780567048998
Publication date: 1st June 2009
Author: Jenny Read-Heimerdinger, Josep Rius-Camps
Publisher: T.& T.Clark Ltd an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 434 pages
Categories: Biblical studies & exegesis,

About Jenny Read-Heimerdinger, Josep Rius-Camps

Jenny Read-Heimerdinger is a Research Fellow at the University of Wales, Bangor, UK as well as teaching in universities worldwide as a Visiting Lecturer. Josep Rius-Camps is a Priest of the Diocese of Barcelona and is Emeritus Professor and a Research Fellow at the Facultat de Teologia de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

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