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Pentecostal Theology

by Keith Warrington

Pentecostal Theology Synopsis

This title offers an introduction to the subject of Pentecostal theology, by a leading scholar in the field. Pentecostals (traditionally) do not think theologically so much as do it practically. This book will present Pentecostal theology as well as the particular style of Pentecostal thinking and praxis that makes it different. Pentecostalism is not just distinctive because of its belief base but also because of the worldview it owns. The latter is based on a certainty that a religion that does not work is not worth much. Consequently, they look for expression of life and vitality in their faith.These dominate, rather than an expression of the cerebral, though this is changing. Nevertheless, the sense of the immediate, the God of the now not the distant past, underlie how they do theology. Pentecostal theology tends to be seen through the eyes of people, not theologians; through the community, not traditions (though they have them); through their faith and worship, not ancient creeds. It is a theology of the dynamic, seen through the lens of experience. It is a functional theology that exists to operate; to incorporate an experiential dimension. Pentecostal theology does not operate as other theologies which often only detail a list of beliefs; it does this but also and (more) importantly, it explores them in the context of praxis. Thus, this volume incorporates praxis as part of the enquiry relating to theology.

Pentecostal Theology Press Reviews

Mention --Book News, February 2009 Mention -Book News, February 2009 UK: Prof Max Turner; Prof Andrew Walker. USA: Dr Siegfried Schatzmann Mention Book News, February 2009 Here, at last, is a scholarly and comprehensive account of Pentecostal theology from one of this tradition's leading scholars. It is written in an engaging style and presented in a balanced and non-polemical manner. Warrington has achieved what has not been done before: with lucid clarity and a willingness to engage with differing perspectives, combined with a skilled use of biblical exegesis and abundant secondary literature he has written a volume that will stand as a benchmark for years to come. Pentecostals and Charismatics of every persuasion and those from older Christian traditions will find this an eminently readable text. - Allan Anderson, Professor of Global Pentecostal Studies, University of Birmingham, UK--Sanford Lakoff I heartily recommend this title for anyone who has a desire to explore Pentecostalism further, undergraduate or postgraduate alike, and I could foresee this text very likely used as an introductory text in a course related to global theological movements. - Bradford McCall, Theological Book Review, Vol 21 No 1, 2009--Sanford Lakoff Theological Book Review This is a comprehensive study of Pentecostal Theology, written in a concise and compact style. The study deals with most of the major elements of Pentecostal beliefs and praxes that are considered important as well as those considered controversial within their global setting. The beauty of the book lies in the author's ability to engage with contemporary Pentecostal scholars across the globe. The thrust of the study is on the formation and ongoing formulation of Pentecostal theology. It is a call to the Pentecostal community to rethink its received theology against the background of changing Christian theology in an ever changing world. As a gifted teacher, Keith makes theology, which some people find deadly boring and hard, an interesting subject to read. This book will prove to be a useful vehicle for providing an understanding of what Pentecostal theology is about and will also make a valuable contribution to the on going discourse on Pentecostal theology. - Opoku Onyinah, Rector, Pentecost University College, Accra, Ghana--Sanford Lakoff 'Warrington's book offers to every student of Pentecostalism both a general introduction to Pentecostal theology... as well as an enormous resource in bibliographical footnotes, inviting the reader to continue on the road of discovery. Therefore, this book will definitely serve as an important resource on Pentecostal theology for both the professional and the academic for years to come.' --Sanford Lakoff

Book Information

ISBN: 9780567044426
Publication date: 7th August 2008
Author: Keith Warrington
Publisher: T.& T.Clark Ltd an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 304 pages
Categories: Theology,

About Keith Warrington

Keith Warrington is Director of Postgraduate Studies and Senior Lecturer in New Testament Studies, Regent Theological College, London, UK.

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