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by Noel McKeehan

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Some fairly serious shit has happened in the last sixty years. As fate would have it, I was fairly close to the central point of a lot of that shit - albeit in some cases only briefly; shit it seems, has a fairly long half life. As time has passed I have found it increasingly difficult -impossible really - to turn off a continued remembrance of the events and places and people that inhabited the story boards of all of that shit. They just won't leave me alone. So I have written it, and them, all down. One bookend of the story was my involvement in the war effort , as we called the Vietnam debacle. The other was the near demise of IBM. Between those bookends there lurk a wide variety of people, experiences and events that always seemed, as they occurred, to be coherently additive to the total story.

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ISBN: 9780557110025
Publication date: 20th November 2009
Author: Noel McKeehan
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 576 pages
Categories: Biography: general,

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