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Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow

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Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow Synopsis

A ';touching, furious, sharp, and very funny' novel of an immigrant teenage girl finding her own identity in France (Booklist). The Paradise projects are only a few metro stops from Paris, but it feels like a different world. Doria's father, aka the Beard, has headed back to their hometown in Morocco, leaving her and her mom to cope with their mektoub, their destiny, alone. They have a little helpfrom a social worker sent by the city, a psychiatrist sent by the school, and a thug friend who recites Rimbaud. It seems like fate has dealt them an impossible hand, but Doria might still make a new life';with bravado, humor, and a healthy dose of rage' (St. Petersburg Times). ';[A] sassy, spunky tale... Doria has what it takes to storm any barricade.' The Hartford Courant ';[Doria is] as likable as Holden Caulfield or Prep's Lee Fiora. Readers will cheer. Highly recommended.' Library Journal, starred review ';A promising addition to the world's literary voices.' The Miami Herald ';Moving and irreverent, sad and funny, full of rage and intelligence. Her voice is fresh, and her book a delight.' Laila Lalami, bestselling author of The Moor's Account

About This Edition

ISBN: 9780547541181
Publication date: 3rd July 2006
Author: Faiza Guene
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Format: Ebook (Epub)