Stockholm Delete

Ebook edition released 18/04/2017

by Jens Lapidus

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LoveReading Expert Review of Stockholm Delete

In a stilted style with sparse descriptions which takes a bit of getting into, this is one of those dark Scandinavian crime tales that builds slowly and suddenly grips you making you turn the pages at speed.  It is a complex plot involving a young, attractive and very talented lawyer, Emily, a reformed gang criminal, Teddy, who helps her and the Stockholm underworld.  Gangs, drugs, fraud, all at a very high level and involving corrupt police.  There are several threads and a lot of characters that are sometimes difficult to follow but all becomes clear eventually.  The twist at the denouement is neat and rounds things off well.  However, there are unanswered questions, in particular the identity of the “big boss” who is so powerful and well protected that it is likely that a very few of those who work for him actually know who he is … So I expect more to come especially as Emily has been sacked from her law firm and must surely set up on her own with Teddy.  I will look forward to reading them.  Sarah Broadhurst

Sarah Broadhurst

Stockholm Delete Synopsis

A lawyer, an ex-con, and his nephew team up to solve a grisly murder in this explosive crime novel by internationally bestselling Swedish author Jens Lapidus.When a house alarm goes off in Vrmd, an island in Stockholm's archipelago, a security guard shows up expecting a break-in. But what he finds is far from ordinary: an unidentifiable body, brutally slaughtered. Complicating matters is the wounded young man he finds near the crime scenea man who police will count as their prime suspect.Emelie Jansson, a newly-minted lawyer at a top firm, takes on the young man's case. By her side is Teddy, an ex-con trying to stay on the right side of the law as he works as the firm's fixer. But Teddy has his own problems to worry aboutnamely his wayward nephew, who's on the verge of following in his uncle's criminal footsteps.Who is the murder victim, and who is the murderer? And why do all roads seem to lead to Mats Emanuelsson, a man Teddy once kidnapped? As Emilie investigates, Teddy must confront his past and save his nephew from a troubled fate. Soon, all three get caught in a high-stakes game that threatens to undo their lives.

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ISBN: 9780525493129
Publication date: 18th April 2017
Author: Jens Lapidus
Publisher: Books on Tape Books on Tape
Format: Ebook
Primary Genre Thriller and Suspense
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ISBN: 9781786491763
Publication date: 07/09/2017
Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780525493129
Publication date: 18/04/2017
Format: Ebook

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