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Spanish for Teachers by Ana C. Jarvis, Raquel Lebredo

Spanish for Teachers


Part of the Basic Spanish Series Series

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Spanish for Teachers by Ana C. Jarvis, Raquel Lebredo

As a component of The Basic Spanish Series , Bascic Spanish for Teachers is a career manual designed to serve those in the teaching professions who seek basic conversational skills in Spanish. Written for use in two-semester or three-quarter courses, it presents everyday situations that teachers may encounter at work settings such as public and private elementary, middle, and high schools when dealing with Spanish speaking students and parents/guardians in the United States. Bascic Spanish for Teachers introduces practical vocabulary, everyday on-the-job situations, and culture notes (Notas culturales) written from a cross-cultural perspective. It provides students with opportunities to apply, in a wide variety of practical contexts, the grammatical structures presented in the corresponding lessons of the Basic Spanish core text.


Preface. LECCION PRELIMINAR: EN EL SALON DE CLASE. COMMUNICATION: Greetings, farewells, and simple classroom conversations. LECCION 1: CONVERSACIONES CON LA MAESTRA. COMMUNICATION: Talking to parents about their children. LECCION 2: EN LA ESCUELA. COMMUNICATION: In the classroom: taking attendance; answering students
questions about an assignment. LECCION 3: UNA LECCION DE LENGUAJE

. COMMUNICATION: A grammar lesson: explaining grammar to students. LECCION 4: EN LA CLASE DE GEOGRAFIA. COMMUNICATION: Geography class: teaching and answering questions about U.S. geography. LECCION 5: EN LA CLASE DE ARTE. COMMUNICATION: Art class: explaining an art project to students. LECCION 6: UN REPASO DE ANATOMIA (I). COMMUNICATION: Anatomy: talking about the human body; teaching students the names of different parts of the Body. LECCION 7: UN REPASO DE ANATOMIA (II). COMMUNICATION: Anatomy: talking about the respiratory system, the heart, and the blood. LECCION 8: UNA CLASE DE CIENCIAS. COMMUNICATION: Science class: talking about animals; vertebrates and invertebrates. LECCION 9: UNA CONFERENCIA. COMMUNICATION: Parent-teacher conference: talking to parents about academic and social issues. LECCION 10: UNA EXCURSION AL JARDIN BOTANICO. COMMUNICATION: Field trip: dealing with students outside the school setting; talking about plants. LECTURA 2: REGLAS DE LA ESCUELA. REPASO (LECCIONES 6-10). LECCION 11: ALGUNAS REGLAS DE ORTOGRAFIA. COMMUNICATION: Spelling bee: teaching Spanish spelling and pronunciation rules; talking about spelling. LECCION 12: UNA CLASE DE HISTORIA. COMMUNICATION: History class: talking about U.S. history; talking about events that happened in the past. LECCION 13: EN LA CLASE DE MATEMATICAS. COMMUNICATION: Math class: teaching math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division); talking about digits; Roman and Arabic numerals. LECCION 14: UN REPASO DE MATEMATICAS. COMMUNICATION: Math class: reviewing math terms; talking about fractions; measurements and the metric system. LECCION 15: EN LA CLASE DE CIENCIAS. COMMUNICATION: Science class: talking about astronomy, physics, and chemistry LECTURA 3: UNA CARTA. REPASO (LECCIONES 11-15). LECCION 16: CON LOS NINOS DEL JARDIN DE INFANTES. COMMUNICATION: Kindergarten: teaching smaller children; dealing with behavioral issues; playing educational games; singing a song. LECCION 17: UNA CLASE DE GEOMETRIA. COMMUNICATION: Geometry class: talking about angles, shapes, and three-dimensional figures. LECCION 18: !ES LA HORA DEL RECREO! COMMUNICATION: Recess: supervising children during recess; mediating among children. LECCION 19: LA CLASE DE EDUCACION PARA LA SALUD. COMMUNICATION: Health education: talking to children about nutrition and personal hygiene. LECCION 20: !TRABAJEMOS JUNTOS! COMMUNICATION: Cooperation between school and parents: talking to parents about school rules; soliciting parent support to enforce school rules. LECTURA 4: 'COMO PUEDEN LOS PADRES PARTICIPAR EN LAS. ACTIVIDADES ESCOLARES? REPASO (LECCIONES 16-20). APPENDIX A: INTRODUCTION TO SPANISH SOUNDS AND THE ALPHABET. APPENDIX B: VERBS. APPENDIX C: USEFUL CLASSROOM EXPRESSIONS. APPENDIX D: WEIGHTS ANDMEASURES. SPANISH-ENGLISH VOCABULARY. ENGLISH-SPANISH VOCABULARY.

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24th February 2010


Ana C. Jarvis, Raquel Lebredo

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Author 'Like for Like'


Heinle & Heinle Publishers Inc.,U.S. an imprint of Cengage Learning, Inc


304 pages


Language teaching & learning material & coursework



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