Teachers and Assistants Working Together

by Karen Vincett, Hilary Cremin, Gary Thomas

Teachers and Assistants Working Together Synopsis

Few areas of education can equal the growth rate of that forteaching assistants over the past seven years, doubling to more than133,000 in England between 1997 to 2004. TAs are vital in thedevelopment of inclusive education, yet their status, pay, conditions,qualifications and their relationship with classroom teachers are all ofdeep concern in the majority of cases. This excellent, practical bookis a welcome and much-needed authoritative study of the allimportantrelationship between TA and teacher. Mark Vaughan OBE, Founder and Co-Director,Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education This is an excellent book, founded in action research that enables it to go beyond the seat-of-the-pants methodology that informs much material on TA/teacher partnerships. TESThis book is for teachers and teaching assistants seeking to improve theways in which they work together to meet the needs of children in theirclasses. It outlines the thinking behind the employment of teachingassistants in the classroom and spells out some of the teamworkingopportunities and problems that can arise. Drawing on original research, itexplores ways in which teachers and teaching assistants can worktogether to support children's learning and examines different models ofworking together.This unique book provides: Highly effective models for working together, tried and tested in schools A practical section with activities, hand-outs and photocopiableresources that teachers can use to develop these models in theirown schools This is a key text for classroom teachers, teaching assistants, traineeteachers and postgraduate education students, and those studying forfoundation degrees for teaching assistants. It is also of use to parents,headteachers, educational psychologists, and other support personnel.

Book Information

ISBN: 9780335216956
Publication date: 1st June 2005
Author: Karen Vincett, Hilary Cremin, Gary Thomas
Publisher: Open University Press
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 200 pages
Categories: Teaching skills & techniques,

About Karen Vincett, Hilary Cremin, Gary Thomas

Dr Karen Vincett is a senior educational psychologist with special responsibility for undertaking schools related projects. She works as part of Essex County Council Special Educational Needs and Psychology Service. Dr Hilary Cremin is Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Education at Leicester University, where she is the director of the Centre for Citizenship Studies in Education. Hilary has worked as a consultant in hundreds of primary and secondary schools throughout the UK. Professor Gary Thomas is a professor in Education at the University of Birmingham. He is author of Deconstructing Special Education (Open University Press 2001).

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